Is Nicki Minaj Pregnant? Details About Pregnancy Rumors And The Potential Daddy

Is Nicki Minaj pregnant with Nas' baby?
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Nas is rumored to be her baby daddy.

Nicki Minaj is reportedly having a baby with her current boyfriend Nas.

The Anaconda rapper is planning to tell the world the news about her and her future baby daddy, according to Media Takeout.

“[Nicki] found out she was pregnant during Thanksgiving and supposedly she supposed to announce her bundle of joy around the Grammys,” an insider told the publication.

Nicki Minaj, 34, and Nas, 44, have been friends for quite some time and have recently been fueling romance rumors and spending a lot of time together. She posted a photo of Nas on Instagram back in November with just a smiley face as a caption.

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They have supposedly been dating since May.

The rapper has shut down pregnancy speculation in the past, but the insider who broke the news to Media Takeout is certain Nicki is truly expecting her first child this time.

“She’s also been very MIA on the social media…pregnancy I’m guessing,” the source said.

She did tweet, however, that her fans can’t get both a new album and a baby from her.

The source also hinted that Nicki and Nas are going through some drama right now.

“It’s a known fact Nas is very moody and very stuck in his ways,” the source wrote, saying Nicki has tweeted some sketchy things the insider believes are about Nas.

“She also tweeted, 'Too often we confuse being loved with being used,' The source wrote. “In Nas’ crazy mind he may believe she doesn’t love him but she’s using him off the strength of how you out of nowhere become nasty crazy after 'Shether' drop? You’ve been knowing Nas for how long? & after Remy bodies you, you get on some player s*** and start dating the rapper? IDK it’s a lot of fluke s*** going on and I will get to the bottom of it,” the source continued, adding ‘"lol" at the end.

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Not only is there drama between the couple, there is drama with Nas’ other baby mama, Kelis.


 “Kelis is jealous about not being Nas ONLY baby’s mother – so she’s messing with their custody arrangement,” said the article by MTO.

The star isn’t unfamiliar with pregnancy rumors. Back when she was dating rapper Meek Mills there was a rumor going around that the two were expecting a baby in 2015. Nicki quickly shut that rumor down by saying, “No matter wut he, or anyone else says, Onika Tanya Maraj won’t b pushing anyone1 out her vajayjay, until she’s married. Now check that.”

If the current rumors are true, Nicki may be on her way to pushing a baby out before marriage after all.

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