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Did Talib Kweli Cheat With Sara Jay? Inside The Adult Film Star Controversy

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Did Talib Kweli Cheat With Sara Jay? Inside The Controversy First Revealed On Twitter

Mo'Nique once said, "When you do clownery, the clown comes back to bite." And rapper Talib Kweli certainly learned that lesson the hard way. 

All he had to do on Twitter was mind his own business. But because he wouldn't leave a woman alone for merely mentioning his name, he got kicked off the social media platform and got all his personal business exposed at the same time.

Let's take a look at the infidelity allegations that came to light as a result of his refusal to simply not get involved with business that doesn't pay him: 

Did Talib Kweli cheat with Sara Jay?

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Who is Talib Kweli?

Talib Kweli Greene, who is usually known in hip hop circles as simply "Talib Kweli," first came into the limelight when he teamed up with Mos Def to form the hip hop supergroup, Black Star. He has collaborated with several rappers and producers over the course of his career, including, but not limited to, Kanye West, Just Blaze, and Pharrell Williams. He's also a noted activist who has spoken extensively on the dangers of the prison industrial complex. 

Who is Sara Jay?

42-year-old Sara Jay is a retired adult film star. Though she was mostly known solely to adult film connoisseurs because she never quite achieved mainstream success, her name was trending on Twitter during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic because it was revealed that President Barack Obama followed her on Twitter. As of this writing, the President does not the adult film star on his official Twitter account, though she still follows him. 

Who is Talib Kweli's wife?

In 2009, Kweli married a woman named DJ Eque. Billing herself as "L.A.'s finest DJ and producer," Eque and Kweli made headlines when they got into a brawl with each other at a party shortly after they got married. Kweli subsequently denied the claims. As of this writing, it's unclear whether Eque and Kweli are still married. 

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Kweli started attacking a woman on Twitter named Maya Moody for no logical reason. 

The drama started on July 6, 2020, when a woman named Maya Moody replied to a tweet about rappers who married Black women. Moody's reply pointed out that the rappers in question married  "light-skinned" women, but pointed out that Talib Kweli was a rapper who wasn't in that category. She didn't "@" Talib Kweli's official handle but he somehow got wind of her mentioning his name and he began attacking her mercilessly. This prompted Moody to issue an official statement about the matter, wherein she said that Kweli's harassment of her resulted in her receiving death threats. Check out her full statement below. 

Black Twitter leaped to Moody's defense — and subsequently spilled all of Kweli's tea. 

Other women began coming forward, in response to Moody's claims, and began revealing that Kweli harassed them as well. Check out some of the allegations below. 

What's more, a woman by the name of "AmoreErica" on Twitter alleged that Kweli cheated on his then-wife with "a notable porn star," which led many to speculate that the porn star in question was Sara Jay. Check out AmoreErica's claims below. 

Kweli's antics allegedly got him kicked off the social media platform. 

Shortly after Moody made her harassment by Kweli public, his Twitter account disappeared. This caused many to speculate that he'd been suspended from the platform for targeted harassment. A Twitter search revealed that the @TalibKweli handle "does not exist." 

Kweli has refused to address the Sara Jay cheating rumors. 

As of this writing, Kweli has refused to address the rumors — but he maintained on Instagram that he merely "left Twitter for the greener pastures of Patreon." Interestingly, too, Kweli is about to release his next album, Cultural Currency, exclusively on Patreon, so one has to wonder if this entire cheating scandal was just a publicity stunt. 

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