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Who Is Ari Fletcher? New Details On Rapper Moneybagg Yo's Girlfriend

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Who Is Ari Fletcher? New Details On Rapper Moneybagg Yo's Girlfriend

Who is Ari Fletcher? That's been the question on the tips of everybody's tongue since it was revealed that rapper Moneybagg Yo had moved on — and very publicly — from Megan Thee Stallion.

So, what do we know about this rumored "new love" of hip hop's bad boy? Are they getting serious? What about his other"longtime girlfriend? And what about that lamborghini that the rapper recently gifted Fletcher for her birthday? 

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Instagram creepin' is going to get us all in trouble.

At the end of 2019, Moneybagg Yo took Fletcher to a nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia where they were spotted together. Before that, Fletcher was rumored to be present at Moneybagg Yo's concert in South Carolina.

The fact that they were seen together in more than one place started speculation that the duo was a lot more than friends.

But this led to a lot of other speculations. For example, what about the longtime girlfriend he'd been speaking about when he broke up with Megan Thee Stallion? What about Fletcher's previous boyfriend and baby daddy?

Let's look at what we know about Ari Fletcher, a new player on the scene and Moneybagg Yo's girlfriend.

Who is Ari Fletcher, Moneybagg Yo's girlfriend?

Fletcher has a child with another rapper. 

Fletcher has a son with rapper G Herbo, even though they broke up in 2018. However, back in October 2019, the duo started scrapping because, after they broke up, G Herbo took up with a woman named Taina (who is the step-daughter of rapper Fabolous).

Herbo and Fletcher's son, Yosohn, was with Herbo for their requisite visitation, and Taina was around. Fletcher lost her mind, because, according to her, she and Herbo had an agreement that Taina wouldn't be around their son. And, because she was mad, she took to Instagram (in a post that was subsequently deleted, but screenshotted by fans) to slam both Herbo and Taina. 

Fletcher was allegedly assaulted by G Herbo.

In April 2019, G Herbo was arrested in Atlanta on battery charges. His bond was set at $2,000.

Fans were wondering what, exactly, happened, and it later emerged that he and Fletcher had gotten into a physical altercation. She only suffered minor bruises and scrapes during the altercation but, really, that's not the point.

What did Fletcher say about G Herbo?

Fletcher's recent drama with her son's father was just the latest salvo out of many that have been going on since the duo broke up in 2018.

After Taina gave G Herbo a piece of jewelry on his grandmother's birthday, Fletcher revealed that Herbo allegedly gave her herpes. (She deleted the initial post there, too, but since nothing ever dies on the Internet, there were more than a few fans who screenshot her rant and re-posted it for all the world to see.)

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Fletcher was dating boxer Gervonta Davis at one point. 

After she broke up with G Herbo, Fletcher moved on to boxer Gervonta Davis. While he was a formidable fighter in the ring, he came into the public eye when 50 Cent involved him in the beef with Floyd Mayweather.

But, as with Herbo, her breakup with the boxer got really, really, really messy. And Fletcher took to social media to rant about her now-ex-boyfriend.

That Instagram post set off a chain of events that subsequently forced Davis's baby mama to start ranting against Fletcher on Twitter. That caused a social media war between the two delicate flowers, and the end result was that Davis's baby mama got her social media accounts suspended

Fletcher is an urban model who recently had some trouble at one of her appearances. 

In the hip hop world, popular models — such as Fletcher — are sometimes booked to host appearances at nightclubs. However, in October 2019, Fletcher was booked to host an appearance for "Sauce Saturday" at the Bridges Night Club in Harrisburg, PA, when someone let shots ring off. (Yikes!)

Harrisburg police commissioner Thomas Carter claimed he had no idea how the gun got into the bar, and the story seemed to "die on the vine" because, as of this writing, no further updates are available. (From what has been reported, however, while there were shots fired off in the club, no one was injured, so that's something positive.)

What about Moneybagg Yo? 


A post shared by KYLESISTER (@therealkylesister) on Jan 20, 2020 at 6:38pm PST

When Moneybagg Yo broke up with Megan Thee Stallion, he revealed that the relationship was "all for publicity" and that he had a longtime girlfriend.

However, information about this girlfriend is difficult to come by, and either she's very understanding (now that he's gone public with Fletcher), or she doesn't really exist. 

Moneybagg Yo just bought Fletcher a lamborghini for her birthday. 


A post shared by KYLESISTER (@therealkylesister) on Jul 12, 2020 at 12:28pm PDT

Fletcher recently celebrated her 25th birthday and received one particular gift that's caused a lot of uproar with at least one of Moneybagg Yo's baby mamas.

Chyna Santana, who is the mother of one of the rapper's children, went on Instagram live to voice her opinions. Santana claimed that she and the rapper were a couple nine months ago, and her main reason for the live seemed to be the fact that he had gotten Fletcher such an expensive gift when they've only been dating a few months.”

However, Santana then admitted that she may have hurt her civil relationship with the rapper after making that video. 

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