These Strangers Had An Epically Romantic Engagement Photoshoot

Woah, the chemistry.

The Internet Ships These 2 Strangers Whose Chemistry Is Off The Charts In Engagement Photoshoot YouTube

If this isn't the most adorable meet-cute, I don't know what is.

Cassie Bailey is a professional photographer who focuses on birth photography and family photoshoots in the Louisiana area.

In a Facebook post, Bailey explained that she put up an ad looking for people to pose in a couples session for her portfolio.

Heather John and Baxter Jackson responded, and it was the best decision they both could have ever made.


This couple photography session set fire to Virginia Beach on the Stumpy Lake Natural Area when the sparks flew between John and Jackson, and now everyone is rooting for the possible couple.

Quickly after Bailey posted the photos on Facebook, they immediately drew the attention of thousands of Facebook users.

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"Heather & Baxter have never met. They both replied to my ad for a single female & a single male to meet up and do a session. I'm pretty sure they had NO idea what they were getting themselves into BUT THEY SLAYED IT!"

Bailey also wrote, "When I tell you they instantly clicked, they instantly clicked! PLUS LOOK HOW GOOD THEY LOOK TOGETHER!"

Bailey wrote, "Heather is a 23-year-old single momma who is working on her MASTER's DEGREE in social work! She has a 6 & 2-year-old. She is from Virginia Beach," while "Baxter has been here for about 6 months. He's stationed on shore duty with the Navy here in Norfolk."

They had an immediate attraction to one another from the moment they laid eyes on each other. This moment is something special that was caught on camera that they will have for the rest of their lives.


Bailey immortalized their first meeting in beautiful pictures where you can feel the emotion flowing out of the photograph.

Jackson told 3WTKR News that he "was not expecting somebody as beautiful as [her]."

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Bailey has given multiple updates on Facebook. She said recently that they have 3 dates planned already.


Bailey wrote on the original post, "She said that they did exchange contact information, so we shall see what happens next."

John and Jackson started their own YouTube channel to show the progression of their relationship.

They only have the first week of knowing each other up on their channel right now, but it is promising.

So far, they have figured out that they both are goofy and he just realized that she has a temper that he cannot play games with. 


Week 1's YouTube video has the caption, "Week 1: We learned that we are both wayyyy too GOOFY for the camera."

Their goal is to take a few minutes to give the world an update on their relationship and what they see coming for their future.

They are planning to do a weekly update so it will be interesting to watch their love evolve over the next coming weeks.


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