Cookiebootz And Janny's TikTok Videos Give Us Serious Friendship Goals

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Why Cookiebootz And Janny's TikTok Gives Us Serious Relationship Goals

Cookiebootz23 is a caregiver for the elderly who takes care of Janny and helps him with whatever he needs. In return, he helps her make some of the best TikTok videos that showcase their wholesome relationship. 

Cookiebootz and Janny met when he was looking for a caregiver. He had received her name, called her, and talked to her for forever. And that was it. They met and everything seemed to work out smoothly. 

He says in a YouTube video about how they met, "She's better than at least 6 or 7 other ladies that I have talked to or have had here. She's a much better person. She knows what to do. You don't even have to tell her anything."

She said, "I got a call and he said 'Can you help me?' and I was like 'uh yeah, what's your name...'" 

She says she fell in love with him when she was on the phone with him, and eventually when she introduced him to her daughter, it's like they became a little family.

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She spends so much time with them because of COVID-19. She lost some of her other patients at the moment, so she is able to give him more of her time. 

He said, "When she's not here I miss her and I miss the little one too." 

What an awesome relationship for someone to have, especially since he has no family living near him. 

Unfortunately, we live in 2020 where people on the Internet love to critisize just about everything, and Cookiebootz and Janny's relationship isn't spared from the trolls.

In a video discussing her work and motives, captioned "For those in the back who can't mind their business!!", Cookiebootz explained, "Listen here. You see this? No gloves right? I've been with Janny for 6 months. I am a private caregiver. Therefore I am not under anyones contract. Therefore I am not violating any HIPPA laws. OK?"

She goes on to explain that they are doing their best to stay safe in these uncertain times and that her videos don't violate any medical lasws.

"I wear gloves when I am bathing him. I wear gloves when I am doing anything else that I'm not supposed to be doing without gloves. I wear my mask, we wear our masks when we go out. He is in the middle of nowhere. There's nobody around here, Ok? When we go to the store, that's when we wear our masks, when we wear our gloves. So for those who keep saying 'oh that's a HIPPA violation,' no it's not because I am not with the hospital. I am not in a nursing home. I am not with an agency. I'm self-employed."

Janny backed her up, saying, "Solo."

"Hello, we're good," she says. "Thank you for everyone that loves us."

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Together, they have created some of the cutest TikTok Videos out there. Here are some of the best.

They do the 10 finger challenge, where they lower a finger if they agree with each thing said.

She is also a superhero in scrubs. 

This video shows her with the Superheroes in Scrubs logo and her putting Janny's hair in a ponytail. 

He said, "Don't make anymore because he looks ridiculous." 

But they are the cutest. She explains their relationship well in this next video.

Saying "We might not be the same. But who cares ... because racism is 'trash' and we'll forever be family!! I love them so much." 

Doesn't their relationship give you the feels? It's adorable to see how this family has taken in Janny and how they have incorporated him into every aspect of their lives. 

What she is doing is a true act of kindness. 

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