Newborn Deer Won't Leave A Hiker's Side After Being Abandoned By Its Mom

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Newborn Deer Won't Leave A Hiker's Side

A TikTok user recently posted a video about a baby deer that she found on a trail in her area. 

Usually, mother deers do not abandon their fawns unless there is something wrong, so for Amber and her children to find the baby deer alone means that something is probably wrong with the fawn.

They named him Scout. 


Had just found a dead body exactly a week ago on this trail! ##fyp ###foryoupage ##foryo

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In this video, you see a female hiker approaching a tiny deer that is making squeaky noises on her walking trail. 

The hiker says, "Where's your mommy," as the baby deer approaches and tries suckling on her leg. The hiker in the video thinks that the baby is hungry and she is unsure what she should do for the baby. 

According to a TikTok comment, "Pied fawns are usually born deformed, her legs are bowed which is probably why mom left her. You found her just in time!" 

Karen O'Connor, a wildlife rehabilitator for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, told that fawns with physical deformities like Scout's bowed legs make it hard for them to follow their moms, who end up abandoning them.

When rescued, fawns can have this issue corrected with the use of braces and rehabilitation.

A TikTok user commented, "The tips of the ears look like they're bent and warped! I was taught this usually means that they've been abandoned or no mommy anymore. Poor baby." 

Interestingly, it is true.

A TikTok user commented, "For anyone wondering how to tell if you should intervene — ears are straight, fawn is great. Ears are curled, alone in the world. I'm glad you helped." Another person wrote, "It's ear tips are curled. It's dehydrated. Probably orphaned. Always look at ear tips! Healthy fawn ears are straight. Orphans usually have curled tip." 

Amber, the video creator, gives frequent Scout updates to the TikTok thread. 


They said he wasn’t feeling photogenic yesterday but he’s doing great! Thank you ALL who donated!##fyp ##fypシ ##foryoupage ##foryourpage

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The hiker who found Scout helped him get to a place where he would be helped to survive.

"All the pictures that you just saw were sent to me yesterday by Turner Deer Camp. The last picture you saw was a whole palate of the baby deer formula that they were able to get from your donations. So, thank you so much. They will be able to feed all 33 fawns that they have including Scout for several weeks. So thank you, thank you, thank you. I'll continue to update when I can. He's doing great and he's loving life. Hopefully he will grow up and be big and strong and live out in the woods with the other deer. Love you guys."

She also updated on Scout's condition. "It is a piebald and was abandoned by the mother," she wrote. "It's eating and comfortable and the right thing was done. Thank you all for your help." 


Scout continues to amaze me! He’s doing great with his fam! ##fyp ##fypシ ##foryoupage ##foryourpage ##foryou

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She wrote, "Baby update: 'We did go back and find it alone. We took care of it overnight and we got a wildlife rescue to take it early Friday morning.'" 


Feeding time! The rescue told me Scout is perking up a little today. A bit of hope! ##fyp ##fypシ ##foryoupage ##foryou

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A TikTok user commented, "I'm a grown man and don't cry. Ever. With that being said, I'm very mad every store ran out of tissues." 

But this cute little fawn is doing so well now. He is now safe and sound with wildlife services and he is thriving because this family saved him. 


After finding this little guy, went back to check on it late at night. Took it in and is now safe! Thank you for your help! ##fyp ##foryoupage

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So, if you see a poor animal in distress, always do what you can to help and if you don't know what to do, contact your local wildlife services and see if they can come out and help any animals you may find abandoned in the woods or in civilization. 

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