Watch This Scared, Mangy Dog's Inspirational Before & After Transformation

Meet Ellie and watch her journey to a new and happier life.

Watch This Scared, Mangy Dog's Inspirational Before & After Transformation artemis animal rescue

A viral TikTok video shows a dog being rescued from what seems to be under a car and her path to recovery.

The video documents the sweet pup's before and after transformation.

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According to Artemis Animal Rescue, the shelter that rescued the dog, now named Ellie, she resides at the rescue shelter and is a “play therapist” for the other shelter dogs.

Founder, rescue coordinator, and lead animal rehabilitator Abigail (who wished to go by her first name only for the story) tells Ellie’s journey and her happy ending.

Abigail was walking to the mailbox when she noticed something under her car. She thought it was a dead animal, but noticed a weak tail wag.

“I had always wanted to get footage of a rescue taking place in real time and luckily, I had my phone handy!” said Abigail. 


It took about half an hour to get Ellie out from under the car and into immediate medical care. They gave her an antiseptic medicated bath, dewormed her, and applied topical and anti-itch ointments.

Photo: Artemis Animal Rescue

Abigail explained that Ellie refused to eat fresh food and only wanted food from the trash as that is what she was used to. Eventually, they were able to get her to eat fresh food such as chicken and kibble. 


Three days later, they had to rush her to the vet as she showed signs of having parvovirus, which attacks the intestines and/or the cardiac system in puppies and if not treated right away can kill a dog within 72 hours. Vets determined that she did not have parvovirus but was diagnosed with sepsis (bacteria that if left untreated for too long can enter the bloodstream and cause harm) and a severely damaged GI tract as a result of eating carcasses and rotten foods while roaming the streets. 

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“We kept her on a simple, basic diet of chicken and rice that was easy on the stomach and allowed her to heal,” said Abigail. Her recovery took seven months as her hair grew back, flare-ups slowed, and her GI tract healed completely.

Now, Ellie stays with the rescue and helps other dogs to overcome their shyness and fear.


“I started falling in love with Ellie on day one. There was just something about her bald little head and big ears that I adored,” said Abigail.

Ellie has been a helpful influence on the other dogs and has even gotten the older, grouchy dogs to play around. 

rescue story
Photo: Artemis Animal Rescue

Abigail encourages others to adopt rescue breeds first or foster if adoption is not possible.


“Even one day out of a shelter makes such a difference in their lives. If you thought just having a pet was amazing, try being a monumental part of their journey to happiness and safety. It’s a feeling unlike any other and is what keeps us going when times are tough,” said Abigail. 

Located in Edinburg, Texas, Artemis Animal Rescue started rescuing animals in 2003 but in 2020 are now an official business dedicated to rescuing animals, community education, and welfare advocacy. Their mission is to provide care and safety for abandoned animals and reducing the number of strays in shelters.

The animal rescue offers a nursery for newborn animals to be nurtured safely, staff that dedicates their time to treat animals with mange, ringworm, fungus, URI’s and other diseases, an ICU unit and care for older animals who tend to be overlooked because of their age. They believe in educating the public, engaging and communicating with others about common misconceptions, and shedding light on issues the animal welfare community faces. 


More videos on their TikTok account show other animals given a second chance.

The animal rescue keeps dogs until they are adopted or transferred to other shelters. If they are never adopted, Artemis Animal Rescue welcomes them into their family and they live the rest of their lives there. The longest family member is a shepherd mix that is going on 17 years with the shelter. 

At the moment, the shelter is not processing adoption applications for their rescues. However, they are still open for donations and hope that when things get better that people come to visit them.

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