Disabled Dog Abandoned Twice In One Day Finds New Home

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Disabled Dog Abandoned Twice In One Day Finds New Home YouTube

Tintin is a three-legged dog who was abandoned twice by his owner in Sao Leopoldo, Brazil before he found his forever home. 

Tintin also had a disability with his other front leg that made it difficult for the dog to walk. 

Someone found Tintin after the first time he was abandoned and they thought he was just lost walking on the street, so they returned him home — only for Tintin to sadly be abandoned again a few hours later. 


Video footage shows the dog being dumped cruelly by his owner.

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The video was shared on Facebook and it received 220,000 views and thousands of comments causing an uproar within the animal lovers community. 


In the video, you see a woman, who social media has deemed "the most evil person on the planet," getting out of a white van and then letting two dogs out of the back seat of the car. 

She tells the darker colored dog to get back in the car and then she roughly pushes Tintin away. She shoved him to the floor. He falls because his front leg is not strong enough to hold his weight. 

Then you see her drive off and the poor dog wobble after her. 

Tintin was returned to the family thinking he was lost but only to be given up again by the woman's husband hours later. 

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After this video went viral, the dog was taken to Patas Geurreras animal charity by someone who said found him on the street, who has since been identified the husband of the woman in the video, in the southern part of Brazil. 


Because of this video, there were over 30 requests from people in the area to adopt him. 

The Mirror reports, "The charity has said that Tintin is doing 'exceptionally well' given the circumstances under which he was abandoned, adding that he's being showered with 'love and care' from his new family." 

There is an investigation underway but the woman has not been identified yet.


In Brazil, the possible action taken towards the people is very minor says the Hope Paws video above. They say, "The penalty for animal abuse ranges from three months to a year in jail and a fine." 

So, if you have any information, please contact the local authorities. 

But now Tintin is living a happy life with his new family and they take care of all of his special needs. 

He may have started his life out ruff, but now he is living the life in doggy bliss.


If you know of any dog that is being treated cruelly, please contact the proper authorities to save them from their torture and abuse that they receive by their horrible owners each day. 

Animals are loving creatures so we must love and appreciate them because they are an honor to have in our lives. 

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