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What The Rescued Baby Lion Who Was Tortured For Tourism Looks Like Today

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What The Rescued Baby Lion Who Was Tortured For Tourism Looks Like Today

Recently, a baby lion taken from his mother at a very young age, beaten, abused, and used as a tourist attraction was rescued.

Bored Panda reported, "The horrible people who stole him broke his legs and wounded his spine so that he wouldn't be able to run away or struggle when tourists took pictures with him." 

He was changed up in a barn and was forced to take pictures with tourists, and the baby lion was beaten and tortured almost to death. 

The rescuers who saved this baby lion brought him to vets who performed surgery and saved the baby. He is now getting used to being around humans again without fear, but it's a long process.

The baby lion must relearn how to play and walk but he is starting to act like a normal baby lion with a playfulness that can melt your heart. 

His name is Simba. 

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Karen Dallakyan is a vet in Russia and she is the one who rescued Simba. Dallakyan has spent her life trying to help rescue animals from abusive situations. 

Her main goal is to help them "get back to health with food, shelter, and, most importantly, the love they deserve," reports Bored Panda. 

In her life, she strives to stop and raise awareness of animal cruelty. 

Bored panda also wrote, "Thousands of animals experience cruelty all over the world. Many awful people torture them to gain popularity and money. When going to see an animal, always keep their safety and livelihood in mind—animals are not entertainment, but living beings that feel pain just like the rest of us. Please consider donating to institutions that help animals in need and if you see an animal being mistreated, speak up and don’t let them suffer." 

It breaks my own heart to see animals suffer and that they are in pain. Animal cruelty needs to stop. 

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On Easter Sunday, Simba miraculously started walking for the first time. 

He suffered from "ripping out of 'paw' cruelty and sadism."

This was a shock because no one thought the injuries to his paws would heal quickly enough but Simba is defying the odds. 

Simba is in the process of rehabilitating his paws and are asking for soft rubber balls because he can relearn motor skills in game-like scenarios. 

Simba will be going to a nature reserve in South Africa after he finishes rehabilitation. 

Right now they are asking for donations such as food, medication, and hygiene items. 

Animal cruelty must stop and it's important that we become aware that these things happen. We need to put a stop to this because animals have emotions and feelings too and they should not suffer for the pleasure of others. That's just cruel. 

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