Elephant Spirit Animal Meaning & Symbolism

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Elephant Spirit Animal Meaning & Symbolism

Elephants are at once dominating, giant, and imposing, yet also choose to be peaceful, generous, and calm.

The elephant comes from a place of great strength: how does this strength manifest in your life?

This crucial choice makes them some of the most powerful symbolic figures in mythology — the elephant often represents strength, power, restraint, and most of all, patience.

Here's more about the symbolism and meaning of an elephant spirit animal:

The elephant represents the family.

Because of its strength mixed with its patient nurturing, the elephant symbolizes both the wisdom of your previous ancestors, yet also symbolizes a promise to protect the young, like a child or a sibling.

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The elephant is a symbol of chastity and strength.

The elephant is revered for its strong structure: it carries with it a strong sense of duty and is well respected across religions in the East and West.

In Christianity, the elephant stands for chastity and abstinence, as the animal’s careful balance between dominion and gentleness shows that it is devoid of intense passion.

Elephants are symbols of spiritual wisdom.

In Buddhism and Hinduism, the elephant is an otherworldly creature that represents complete mental clarity. In Buddhism, the elephant is known to be the reincarnation of Buddha, and in Hinduism, the god Ganesh has the head of an elephant.

As a spirit animal, an elephant represents longevity.

The elephant’s temperance promises a long life, survived by a powerful and loving legacy.

Elephant spirit animal meaning

If your spirit animal is an elephant, your natural instinct is to help others.

The elephant is an intensely powerful creature, not so much because of its size, but because despite its size, the elephant still chooses harmony.

Elephants symbolize:




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If an elephant is your spirit animal:

People respect your quiet power, and will often defer to your knowledge.

You have a strong sense of responsibility: Identifying with the elephant shows that you have an innate sense of duty to the people around you.

This responsibility will carry you through strong and sustainable social networks; you don’t make a lot of small talk, but the conversations you do have are meaningful and enriching to both you and the people around you.

Your brain is like a steel trap: The elephant also has an impressive memory, so you don’t forget things easily; this means that you have a very strong sense of self because your past is not lost to de-stabilizing experiences.

You can quickly synthesize and rebalance; you are not easily unmoored, which makes you incredibly reliable.

Your centered sense of self, combined with your good memory, means you have a lot of wisdom; you are a deep thinker, and will always come to a rational, and fair conclusion.

However, although people do not often associate the elephant with passion, you see every memory you have as beautiful, and unique. You use your memories, and your past, as sustenance when you are sad.

Your sheer perseverance will push you far in life. There is no direction you are limited to because adversity does not de-center you.

However, it is important to not forget your roots — the elephant travels far but needs to also keep its family and its structure close behind, or else it will get lost.

What it means to see an elephant:

You might need to call your family more often: However, an elephant will show up if you have been neglecting your roots, such as family, home, or your relationships.

Trust the elephant when it shows up in your life. The elephant is greatly loyal, so it will not judge you for your choices, which is why it is okay for you to trust it when it shows up. You can call upon the elephant when you feel a weakness in your mind, body, and soul, or when you need to boost your memory levels.

An elephant will show up if you need inspiration. Or, when your driving force is at an all-time low, the elephant might appear in your sleep to give you that extra push you need to carry out your near-future.

Coming across a herd of elephants means that you are making good decisions that will benefit your entire community.

Elephants are very dutiful and nurturing creatures; if you are responsible for a big project in the future, or if you need to make a difficult choice to support your family, don't second guess your decisions. This dream means you are on the right path.

When an elephant enters your life, the animal shows that you have instincts to lead and nurture others.

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What an elephant does, spiritually:

The elephant will guide you through the necessary steps to handle your responsibilities and hold yourself accountable so you can restore these areas of your life.

The elephant can lend you a hand with that: the elephant's wisdom, strength, and courage can give you the strength you need to finally push past that mental block that's been keeping you in a bad place.

The Elephant will help unlock your life.

The elephant is commonly associated with the Earth Element or the first root chakra. This means the elephant is especially helpful when it comes to blockages in your life: do you feel like you have a never-ending string of bad days? Do you feel stuck in your own life?

The Elephant's trunk will shower your house in good fortune.

The image of an elephant with its trunk raised in your home attracts good fortune. The elephant, sticking its trunk in the air, "showers" your home with luck.

The Elephant can store good luck for when you need it later.

When the trunk is pointed down, this means that the elephant is storing its good luck for the future! If you need a little help in terms of long term goals (marriage, romance, career, etc.) then make sure to keep one of these in your home.

What it means to dream about an elephant:

The elephant will often appear in dreams to lend you strength when you need it the most. It will not provide you clarity on what decisions to make, but it will provide you the tenacity to carry out the risky choice you’ve decided on.

Traditionally, dreaming about an elephant means you will become someone powerful and influential, but you are ruled by your emotions and your duty to others. The elephant acts as a warning then to persuade you to use logic to solve your problems, not your gut reactions.

A trapped elephant means you need to reconnect.

When you feel disconnected from your heritage or your family, you can call upon the elephant to illuminate any personal problems you feel may be caused by someone before you or to ease any familial tension that seems to burden your path to freedom.

A dream in which you are riding an elephant means that you are overcoming your challenges instead of avoiding them — you are harnessing the power of the elephant; people often think that the elephant is incredibly passive, but in the right moments the elephant is a force of nature. Just like the elephant, you are bulldozing past your challenges.

On the other hand, if you are running away from an elephant in your dream, maybe it's time to turn around and confront your problems head-on.

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