What Does It Mean To Be A Grey Witch?

Being a grey witch means accepting that life is about duality and healing.

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What does it mean to be a grey witch? Being a grey witch is a person who practices witchcraft and is comfortable with the idea of duality.

A grey witch is a person who has made a decision that humans are both good and evil.

Duality has been pinned against each other since the dawning of time, a struggle of good versus evil a grey witch understands this.

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Philosophy has questioned whether humans are inherently born good or evil and if our actions become the true definition of our nature.

A grey witch has decided that she doesn't have to choose either side.

Is it possible to accept that we are only human, which means depending on the moment we can be either wondrous or terrible? Absolutely, and a grey witch has wrestled with this question coming to peace within herself when choosing this path.

This is the path that the grey witch has taken upon their path, recognizing in all things created by nature there is a balance between greatness and the evil that plagues us.


Grey witches embrace the light but acknowledge that some things are unforgivable. Many grey witches start on the path of white magick or lightwork. Often people are drawn to the path of the white witch for its promise to help aid in healing and growth.

While this reigns true and is a great tool to push all witches to their highest potential, it can often suffocate and stifle a lot of witches who turned to their craft after a time of trauma, when they are specifically seeking a way to heal themselves.

For myself, after a few years of practicing strictly with lightwork, I found myself more on the path of grey witchcraft. This came with a shift in my mentality and understanding that I don’t have to become numb to my pain; I need to embrace it and give it the same attention and love as I would give to myself during times of joy. I couldn’t maintain the energy of wanting to be happy and pushing for love and light all of the time.

While this isn’t the case for most white witches, witches who experience mental anguish can often feel like they are providing a disservice to themselves by silencing the problems in their life. Because of this, many will end up transforming into a grey witch along their journey.


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Grey witches must incorporate duality and balance into their mentality; often these witches have powerful mental power once mastering this.

They allow themselves to be happy but leave enough room for bad feelings to run their courses, such as jealousy, anger, and sadness. They do not suppress themselves when dark clouds are around them; they harness the energy of the storm to heal without masking.

A grey witch might even state that there is no way to heal without setting out a few curses! Grey witches often do not believe in karma or the rule of three and know that they have to be the ones to create justice in their life.


Grey witches do not believe in “harm none” as they believe it is inevitable that people will get hurt no matter how hard you try to protect those you love. That’s just nature and the universe at work. Pain inspires healing in a grey witch's eyes.

It is not just the forces of good and evil that the grey witch toggles between. A grey witch also sees the polarity of femininity and masculinity, day and night, life and death.

Grey witches work with a broad spectrum of spirits, celestials, and ancestors both living and those to come. Grey witches feel the power when recognizing the power in both sides of things instead of suppressing one part to succumb to another.

It doesn’t matter to a grey witch how you view them; they know that opinion is subjective from person to person. A grey witch acknowledges that some people will be impressed and in awe of the magick they use while others will be left repulsed and ashamed.


However, a grey witch seeks no outside approval; what matters to them is how they feel when inspired at the moment and how they process their inner healing.

A grey witch could also have the belief that they are a neutral force rather than a dual one. This means that they may not curse anyone, but they certainly aren’t blessing anyone either.

A grey witch might find that misusing energy can be harmful and reserve their energy work for times they feel personally called to justice.


Grey witches, in turn, might also only use their magick when trying to gain balance in the universe for themselves or those they hold dear. Being a witch is a political act in itself, however, a grey witch has the great hope that you can help restore justice for humanity.

The main intention of this witch is to be a catalyst in healing. Whether embracing the shadow that lives within us all or changing your frequencies to rise above, the grey witch is a powerful being mastering all the energies into the universe in one being.

Grey witches will always be happy to show you their love but aren’t afraid to hold back from a curse if you cross them. These witches fear very little and believe that their magick serves a higher purpose for the healing of all.

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Tea Jones is a tarotist, psychic, and certified Level III Reiki Master Practitioner who writes about spirituality, witchcraft, tarot, and divination.