How To Tell If Your Ex Misses You (Or If He's Moved On For Good)

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How To Tell If Your Ex Misses You (Or If He's Moved On For Good)

When you love your ex, it can be very difficult to let them go. Sometimes, they come back after a breakup — but sometimes they don't.

It's important to understand the details of your breakup in order to know whether or not he will come back.

Don't hold a flame for a person who does not want to be with you. It's important to let them go if they don't want you, then why are you pining after someone who doesn't see you as something to be cherished? 

You may just need a little space between you for them to realize how much they love being with you. They may come right back begging to be with you and apologizing for questioning your relationship. 

But then it may be truly over and you need to move on. 

So, you have to take a deep breath and look at the signs about whether or not your significant other is going to come back or not. 

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It may be hard for you to understand why they would want to leave you, but if you read through the signs that he actually has moved on, then you need to accept that they are gone. 

If you look at the signs and see that they may indicate that your ex may be coming back, then you need to let your partner go through whatever they are experiencing so they can make their way back to you. 

The best thing you can do is be realistic. Don't sugarcoat the truth in your relationship because you need to be honest with yourself above all else. When you understand where your truth lies, then you may see that there is someone out there that will treat you better than your ex.

So, will he come back?

Here are the signs that he may come back eventually and signs that suggest that he is already too far gone. 

Signs your ex will come back (eventually):

Sometimes in a relationship, one or both partners get cold feet and push the other away. Tough times can lead you to question each other's motives and desires. 

You just needed to take a step back and get some fresh air so that you can think clearer. It may be hard to be apart, but sometimes with absence, the heart grows fonder. You just have to let yourself feel your feelings and if you know that what you have with this person is real and you don't feel like it's finished, then there is probably more to your relationship to come. 

Just give your partner some space and any reassurances that they may need to feel comfortable getting back with you. Sometimes you just need to take things slower and really focus on communication the next go around. 

They probably are showing signs that they want to get back with you eventually.

Here are the signs that your significant other is going to come back to you at some point after they work through whatever is holding them back. 

1. They don't date anyone.

2. You still have plans together. 

3. They frequently text you. 

4. They are not returning your things. 

5. They are in a rebound relationship.

6. They are dating your polar opposite. 

7. You broke up on good terms.

8. They call you when they are drunk.

9. They are still in touch with your friends. 

10. They have told you that they are unhappy since you broke up.

11. You broke up because of the distance between you. 

12. They make excuses to see you. 

13. Their mother calls you and says that their child misses you.

14. They send you long replies to your texts.

15. Their friends talk about you.

16. They treat you well.

17. They stalk you on social media. 

18. They tell you their dreams, goals, and plans for the future. 

19. They don't change. 

20. They answer your call immediately. 

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Signs your ex has moved on for good:

It can be hard to see the signs that he has moved on completely, but you have to accept the signs that he has. It can be tough because you may love this person so much that you cannot see how you can live without them in your life.

But you have to.

It's not an easy feat, but it's a necessary one. 

Breakups are hard, but fooling yourself only prolongs the grief and misery. Sometimes you just have to get back up, accept that your relationship is over, and then move forward. 

If he or she can move on so easily from you, you should know that you probably did not mean as much to them as they meant to you. They did not feel like you were their soulmate, so it was easy for them to manipulate you. So, you just have to realize that they did not deserve you because if they really saw you for who you are, they would not have walked away so easily. 

Here are some of the signs that point out to you that your partner is moving on for good. 

1. He's in a new relationship. 

2. He moves away.

3. He unfriended you on all social media accounts. 

4. He makes an effort to not be in the same places you are.

5. He avoids you.

6. You've returned all the stuff he left at your place.

7. He encourages you to date other people. 

8. He tells you point-blank it's over and that there is no chance of getting him back. 

9. He cut off all contact. 

10. He doesn't call you every day.

11. He changed his Facebook status. 

12. He blocked your phone number.

13. He doesn't respond to your messages. 

14. He doesn't want to be friends.

15. He talked to you about breaking up. 

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