Which Zodiac Sign Is The Cruelest

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Which Zodiac Sign Is The Cruelest

Which zodiac sign is the cruelest?

Cancer zodiac signs have a personality that can be ice cold.

Cancer zodiac signs are so mean when they turn from sweet-natured to 'standoffish'.

Why is Cancer so cruel?

A Cancer zodiac sign will deliberately walk around and intentionally hurt someone without a sign of remorse.

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We are all made different from the person next to us but when those differences cross a certain line, Cancer will make that person know it was the wrong thing to do.

A Cancer zodiac sign can be the cruelest person. This horoscope will intentionally make time from their busy day to create chaos in someone else's life.

A Cancer zodiac sign will make you feel like you're going crazy.

You will spend a lot of time wondering what you did wrong to make them act the way they are toward you.

Nothing you do to a Cancer zodiac sign justified on this level. Someone who has a Cancer zodiac sign and cruel intentions knows how to maneuver themselves into tight spaces where they know they will disrupt something or someone.

How can we spot a cruel Cancer zodiac sign before they enter our lives? Is it the way they behave in front of their family?

Or is it the way they belittle you during any conversation?

Let's just say the answer is far easier than you think! Astrology can be a hell of a tool when it comes to figuring someone out.

The stars are our answers to all unknown knowledge we have about ourselves, our family, friends, etc.

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This zodiac sign that exudes this kind of negative energy, is notorious for thriving off making people who feel inferior to them.

Here's why the Cancer zodiac sign is the cruelest in astrology:

Cancer is cruel because they are moody.

Do not be fooled by these water signs.

Cancers have been ranked as some of the cruelest people in the zodiac wheel.

These crabby folks would do almost anything to make you feel like complete dog sh*t if you give them the perfect opportunity to strike.

On a regular day, Cancers are viewed as some of the most loving, caring people you can befriend.

Being a water sign doesn't always mean you are an emotional lovesac. Your emotions can range from super sweet to insanely salty.

Once a Cancer feels as though you have betrayed them, beware of their wrath.

They tend to be extremely possessive and if you think you can easily slip away from their sight, they will grab you with their painful claws and pinch you until you give them a valid reason why you decided to test them.

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Cancer zodiac signs are cruelest when they feel betrayed.

Cancer zodiac signs are very reserved when it comes to showing their true feelings.

If you find yourself yearning for the love of a Cancer, you will notice how high their wall is.

You will not be able to break that down unless they can see your true intentions.

The moment a Cancer feels like their territory has been invaded, the defense shield comes up and savage mode is flipped on.

They know deep down inside just how bad things will turn out, but after all, it was your fault! You crossed a boundary and now you must pay the price.

With the yearning to do as they please, Cancers truly do not fear the consequences of their actions, no matter how big or small.

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Although your creativity and passion for the things and people you love are immense and commendable, things can go south really fast.

Your positive attributes can turn on you and become negative.

For example, OJ Simpson (one of the most known Cancers of all) was a very talented athlete.

He used his talents to his best ability, but unfortunately, he steered in the wrong (very wrong) direction and has become arguably one of the most hated men in modern history.

Believe what you want about Cancers.

They can be either your number one fan or your biggest haters.

All zodiac signs have some kind of negative trait, but Cancers are notoriously cruel to those who do not make their intentions clear.

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