Who Is Derek Peth's Girlfriend, Saffron Vadher? Meet The Stunning Indian-English Model

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Who Is Derek Peth's Girlfriend, Saffron Vadher? Meet The Stunning Indian-English Model
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Derek Peth has been mostly single since his break-up with Taylor Nolan. There was a quick fling with Stepanie Pratt this past summer but nothing too serious. Now, however, the Bachelor Nation star is hunkered down to ride out the coronavirus in his hometown in Iowa and he ins't alone. His new girlfriend, model Saffron Vadher is there with him.

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Vadher, who is British, has been experiencing life in the American Midwest as she waits for the fashion world to go back to work. From the Instagram photos the couple is posting, it seems like they couldn't be happier to be relaxing together. 

Who is Derek Peth's girlfriend, Saffron Vadher? 

Vadher, who is 22 years old, is from Harrow in Northwest London. She has been gracing magazine covers, including major publications like Vogue Paris and British Vogue for several years. But it took a while for her to break into the field. She says she was scouted as a young teen but nothing came of those encounters. Later, she did a walk-in audition at the Elite Models agency in London and they signed her at that time.  

A shoot she did for Vogue Paris in 2019. 

Her background is Indian and British. 

Vadher's father Gujarati Indian but he was actually born in Nairobi, Kenya, she says. Her mother is British and she grew up in London. She says that she liked growing up amid a lot of different influences. She feels like knowing two different cultures so intimately has made her more open-minded. 

She's a cancer survivor.

In a profile with her modeling agency, she described her experience with pediatric leukemia. She was diagnosed just before she turned four years old. She says her memories of treatment are blurry since she was so young but she recalls getting a lot of injections, which has left her a bit scared of needles, even now. She also recalls losing her hair and needing to wear a hat. She also says everyone her family knew spoiled her like crazy with Barbies. She had over 200 Barbies thanks to 'Get Well' gifts and her family turned their garage into the ultimate Barbie playroom for her. 

She works with major names in fashion.

Vadher isn't one of these models whose work is mainly on their own Instagram page. She has been signed by some of the biggest names in fashion for runway work as well as magazine features. She's worked with Burberry, Alexander McQueen and Givenchy, to name a few. 

After working with the biggest brands in luxury fashion, she has favorites. When asked which label she would choose if she had to pick just one she said, "I like Gucci accessories, especially the handbags and purses. Clothes-wise, I would pick Chanel or Givenchy.”

How did she and Peth meet?


Vadher and Peth have been sort of public with their social media cuteness but they haven't given any interviews yet about their relationship. They haven't talked about how they met or how long they have been together. We don't even know why they decided to lockdown in Iowa instead of London. Her family is in the U.K. and she indicates in past interviews that she is close to them.

Vadher even locked down some of her TikTok videos of herself and Peth goofing around during quarantine. Fans got to see them teasing one another about sleeping in and squirting each other with water. But once the videos got too much attention, Vadher set them to private. 

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We know they're in Iowa.

Even if they won't let us into their TikTok lives, we can see some of what they're up to via their Instagram accounts. They're in Iowa, where Peth is originally from. That shocked at least one follower who asked Peth how he got a model to Iowa, prompting another commenter to joke that it's the cheese and light beer that lured the Brit to the states. Peth quipped back, "She’s officially addicted to cheese curds now and this was just before a Coors light was shotgunned." 

They're seeing the sights.

In one Instagram photo, the couple is posing in front of the World's Largest Frying Pan. In the comments, Peth noted that they laughed for ten minutes about the goofy attraction. One clever commenter suggested it might be a career move for Vadher, saying "Iowa Vogue. Cast iron for the win!"

Checking out the sights anywhere she goes in typical for the model. In an interview, she said her advice to other models would always be to take advantage of travel opportunities. "Don’t take anything too seriously, enjoy your time traveling if you are lucky enough to do so," she said. "Go sightseeing and explore new restaurants.”

The World's Largest Frying Pan. 

Is this the end of Peth's Bachelor Nation career?

Peth came close to finding happily ever after on Bachelor in Paradise, after falling short on The Bachelorette. But his engagement to Taylor Nolan didn't work out and they split in 2018. Last fall, he seemed down on the idea of doing another show but left the door open to the possibility, saying "I’m not making an official statement, but right now, I don’t see me doing another show. Then again, I think I said that last time. I’m not sure.”

But there would be no need to go looking for love again if he and Vadher are headed to forever. 

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