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Who Is Julie LaPlaca? Meet The 'Bachelor' Producer Who's Allegedly Peter Weber's Girlfriend

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Who Is Julie LaPlaca? Meet The 'Bachelor' Producer Who's Allegedly Peter Weber's Girlfriend

When it comes to Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor, things have been... different from seasons of the popular show In the past. Even though we're getting closer and closer to the finale, spoilers have yet to confirm exactly who Weber chooses in the end, leaving fans to come up with their own theories about what happens in the finale.

Right now, one popular theory is that he ends up with producer Julie LaPlaca — especially since he's been spotted hanging out with her since filming for his season came to an end.

But who is Julie LaPlaca? Even the biggest Bachelor fans might not be too familiar with her, so here's everything you need to know.

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1. LaPlaca is rumored to be dating Weber now that his season is over. 


A post shared by Julie LaPlaca (@julielaplaca) on Dec 6, 2019 at 6:25pm PST

Being that fans aren't sure of the outcome of Weber's season, they've been on high alert trying to figure out who he could have ended up with, and now, there's a pretty convincing theory out there that Weber is with LaPlaca. He's been spotted with her several times over the last few months, most recently out at a winery together. It's also been noted that Weber's parents both follow LaPlaca on Instagram, which definitely shows that she's close with his family — though it's still totally possible that she and Weber are just friends. Weber was also spotted in the background of a New Year's Eve photo that LaPlaca posted on Instagram.

2. But who is Julie LaPlaca? She's a TV producer who's been with the show for six years. 

According to LaPlaca's LinkedIn account, she's been working professionally in TV since 2008. Before she worked for The Bachelor, she was a producer for The Doctors, where she worked for almost five years. Then, in 2014, she started working as a producer on The Bachelor, the gig she still has today. Given that producers who work on the show tend to work closely with the leads, there's a good chance she's developed a close bond with Weber, romantic or not. 

3. When she's not working on The Bachelor, she's traveling and spending time with friends and family. 

Although many of LaPlaca's Instagram posts are from her work and travel with the show, on her off-time, she seems to enjoy traveling even more — and spending time with the people she loves most. She's shared everything from photos in Mexico with a friend to the weddings she attends when she's not working. She seems like one busy lady.

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4. She's staying out of the drama.

So far, LaPlaca hasn't commented on whether or not she's dating Weber — though it would make sense if neither of them were able to comment on the outcome of the show until after the finale airs, as the ending of The Bachelor is usually kept under wraps as tightly as ABC can manage. Still, she's not dropping many hints about what's going on, and she certainly hasn't denied the rumors, either. 

5. She's also been close with other leads from the series.


A post shared by Julie LaPlaca (@julielaplaca) on Jul 15, 2019 at 7:17pm PDT

It's not just Weber who LaPlaca has become close with by working on the show. Not only has she shared tons of photos with last year's Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, on Instagram, but she's also posted pics of her hanging out with the cast of Bachelor in Paradise as well as other former leads including Becca Kufrin and Colton Underwood

6. ABC won't confirm or deny if she's dating Peter. 

When ABC executive Robert Mills was asked about LaPlaca's potential relationship with Weber, he didn't divulge any details.

“Well, I hate to get in the way of a good rumor, so I’m not going to confirm or deny about whether he ends up with a producer!” he said. “I don’t know how we’d ever top that though! But it is crazy. What we’ve seen about the finale over the years is that the ‘finale’ is really on that night when the show goes live. There’s a lot of craziness, it’s a roller coaster, but I would say even now the roller coaster hasn’t ended, and it won’t end until after After the Final Rose.”

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