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Kellyanne Conway Plastic Surgery Rumors: Why Does Her Face Look So Different?

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Kellyanne Conway Plastic Surgery Rumors: Why Does Her Face Look So Different?

Kellyanne Conway has been doing TV appearances for the Trump administration during the 2016 campaign. Her signature blonde hair and perpetual smiles is as much a part of the White House spin machine as the president's Twitter account.

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This week, the communications pro took to the airwaves for a segment on Fox News and observers couldn't help but notice that she looked really different. A lot of famous people have shown wear and tear during social distancing, with grey roots showing through or Botox wearing off, making everyone look a little older and more natural. But Conway had the opposite effect going on. Her hair and make-up looked more complicated and her facial contours looked like they'd been glossed over with a good Instagram filter. 

Or maybe she has had some work done.

Did Kellyanne Conway have plastic surgery?

There were definite changes to her face.  

In her appearance on FoxNews this week, Conway looked like a new person. While the 53-year-old usually looks professional and pulled together, she also usually looks her age — and there's noting wrong with that; in fact, it's sort of refreshing. She is slender and well-groomed but the natural contours of her face are clearly very natural. This week, she showed up and nearly everything about her face looked different. Her skin was smoother-looking and the tone was more uniform. The hollows under hhyujhhjer cheekbones and beneath her eyes seemed filled out, and her jawline appeared to be shaped differently than before.

Before and after. 

What makes the difference?

Anyone who has spent any time on YouTube knows that a good makeup artist can turn a face into anything they want. Good contouring, some concealer, and an airbrush finish to foundation can cover up anything from acne to age spots. So it's possible Conway simply hired a pro to do her hair and make-up before the appearance. The smoothness of her whole complexion certainly looks like someone helped her find her perfect shade of foundation and her eyebrows were better defined than they sometimes look, all of which speaks to good, old-fashioned makeup skills.

There may be fillers at work as well.

Some of the other changes to her face don't look like something you can brush on then removed with micellar water later. Her entire chin is a different shape, with softer lines around her jawline. And the circles under her eyes look like they have been filled in as well, making her look less tired. 

Could she have gotten a facelift?

It's 2020 and we all know that plastic surgery is a valid choice so there would be no shame if Conway did decide to get things tightened up. But she says that's not what happened here, telling reporters who asked about the possibility that she has been at work, not taking time off to recover from a facelift. In a text she said she has been "at the White House consistently throughout the pandemic and task force activities.”

She was apparently flattered by the idea that she looked like she's gotten work done and followed up by saying, “(Thank you though).”

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Even an expert can't be sure.

One plastic surgeon took a look at photos and he is confident that Conway has done something to freshen up her appearance but he cant nail down exactly what she chose to do. Dr. Stephen Greenberg told reporters that she could have done "injections like Botox, and either fat transfer to the face or fillers, an upper and lower eyelid lift, face-lift and a nose job.” Greenberg made a point to note that Conway's nose looks different but that the real change is the lack off loose skin around her eyes.

Is Conway's new look just a distraction?

Not that anyone needs an excuse to try and look their best, but it could be possible that Conway is trying to divert attention from something else; namely her husband. George Conway is a die-hard Never-Trumper and he's been grabbing a lot of headlines for his attempts to do harm to his wife's boss's electoral prospects. His new organization The Lincoln Project has been regularly releasing ads critical of the President's handling of everything from the current health public crisis and the economy to his weird way of holding a water glass at a recent public appearance. 

Conway's husband is behind ads like this. 

Or maybe she's looking for a new job.

Another possible reason for her glow-up is that she's looking for her next gig and wants to look her best as she shops her resume around. Trump is polling behind presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden right now and Conway may be more interested in finding a new job than carrying a floundering campaign through the summer and fall. A makeover might be just the thing she needs to make her way out of the White House and into a commentators seat on a cable network. Even Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin wondered about that, tweeting "WTF? Getting ready for Fox News gig?"

Whether it's makeup or a more last beauty treatment, only Conway knows for sure. 

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