'90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way' Spoilers: Are Brittany And Yazan Still Together?

Did she stay in Jordan for her love?

'90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way' Spoilers: Are Brittany And Yazan Still Together? Youtube

The current season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days is coming to its conclusion but fans of the TLC reality series don't need to fret about a break in their reality viewing routine. The network will be bringing back 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way on June 1. 

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The new season features some familiar faces, which will be good news to audiences that wondered what happened to their favorite couples. We also get to see four brand new couples with brand new sets of conflict as the Americans move away from everything they know to pursue love abroad.

One couple is Yazan and Brittany. Brittany is a non-religious American who plans to pack up her life and move to Jordan to be with Yazan. The pair is going to confront cultural differences, as Brittany adjusts to a more conservative country and some personal religious differences as well. Yazan is Muslim but Brittany isn't and has no plan to change her ways.


Are Brittany and Yazan together now? Read on for spoilers.  

'90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way' Spoilers:​ Who are Brittany and Yazan?

Brittany and Yazan met through Yazan's sister and it was love at first videochat. He lives in Jordan and she's a Chicago native who lives in Florida now. We don't know yet how she and Yazan's sister know one another but the introduction has led to a serious relationship. So serious that Brittany is ready to set aside her American life and move to Jordan, a much more conservative country. 

What do they do for work?

Both Brittany and Yazan now call themselves "television personalities" in their Instagram profiles. Yazan also says that he's an engineer. Brittany doesn't list an occupation but she does have an old YouTube channel and a current TikTok account. Both contain mainly fun videos that don't give much insight into her personal or professional lives. 


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Religion plays a big part in their storyline.

Yazan is Muslim and fairly devout. He has religious references in some of his Instagram posts and Jordan is a majority Muslim country. 95% percent of the population of the country is Islamic and most women wear conservative clothing in adherence to Islamic rules. While the nation isn't as restrictive as other countries such as Iran, there are expectations for the behavior of people that are markedly more conservative than in the United States. In the promos, we see Brittany wearing a head covering to comply with the standards of dress there. Since Brittany isn't religious and doesn't plan to convert to Islam, this could become a major concern between the couple. 



A post shared by EngYazan Abo Horira (@yazan_abuhurira) on Oct 21, 2019 at 10:46am PDT

Yazan captioned this photo "My Lord happiness in the world and the end."


Islamic rules are important to Yazan's family as well.

Not only is Yazan himself rather devout, his family is as well. Once Brittany gets there, his parents object to them living together before marriage. We can't tell from social media if he still lives with his parents or if he has his own place. Moreover, we don't know what preparations he made to welcome Brittany or where he expects her to live once she arrives. 

There will be a big reveal.

The early press for the show includes hints that Brittany is hiding something from her fiancé. Reports about the show teased that their marriage will "inevitably be delayed since Brittany is holding onto a secret that could ruin everything." This is a pretty common theme on 90 Day Fiancé shows. Often the secrets involve past divorces, financial problems, or issues that could prevent a person from getting a visa. The network is also frustratingly good and keeping these big secrets hidden until air time so we don't have a hint of a spoiler to share yet. 


Where is Brittany now?

While we don't know what is going down with this pair on the show, we do have a sense of where Brittany is right now — and she doesn't seem to be in Jordan. Unlike a lot of TLC stars who wipe their social media clean of all location tags, Brittany's Instagram shows her location in posts as recent as March. Based on that info, she was in Aman as recently as March 9. Her next post, however, is tagged in Chicago and that was March 17. By April 11, she was in Florida but that was the last location she posted. Her more recent posts don't include a location tag.

If she was being honest on her location tags, there is no way she could have returned to Jordan after April 11. The country closed its borders on March 17 and restrictions on commercial flights had been extended until May 25

Brittany in a bikini in Florida on April 11. 


If this couple is still together right now, they are probably back to a long-distance relationship. Whether that means they split up is something we'll know by the tell-all. 

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