90 Day Fiancé: Who Is Tom Brooks' Girlfriend? Everything To Know About Amanda McAdams

He says he has a girlfriend but he's keeping it private.

90 Day Fiancé: Who Is Tom Brooks' Girlfriend? Everything To Know About Amanda McAdams Youtube

This season of 90 Day Fiancé:Before The 90 Days has been a flashback to the final demise of Darcey Silva's relationship to Tom Brooks. Silva, who has been on the TLC franchise several times, has never given up hope of finding love but her attempt to make a life with Brooks didn't work out. The most recent episodes of the show feature Brooks wistfully talking about the person he thought Darcey was, before boarding a plane to go visit a new woman in his life. 


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That new woman, who is named Shannon and who was in the picture while he was still technically seeing Silva, is actually old news. The two of them are no longer a couple. Brooks had moved on to another woman, a New Yorker named Amanda McAdams. The pair were getting serious and he met her family at the holidays last winter. However, something happened to split them up.


Now, Brooks says he's off the market again but he is keeping a tight lip about who the lucky lady might be. Fans, however, think that he's back with McAdams and the two of them are trying to keep it quiet.

Who is Tom Brooks' girlfriend, Amanda McAdams?

Read on for all the details. 

Who is Tom Brooks? 

When fans first met Tom Brooks, he said he a marketing pro who tells the camera that he scouts models for various brands. At the time, hos social media accounts suggested that he led a jet-setting lifestyle, replete with luxury goods and beautiful women. However, eagle-eyed followers noticed that Tom was actually stealing photos from other users. The pics in question depicted luxury watches, fragrances, and destinations, but they were all originally posted by other people. Tom has since deleted the stolen photos.


Why is Tom Brooks on TV?

Brooks started filming 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days when he stepped into Darcey Silva's life as her post-Jesse Meester shoulder to cry on.  She and Brooks had evidently met years before and the timing was finally right for them to start an online romance. Silva flew to England to meet him and it all started out well enough but then they headed to Albania to meet up with Silva's twin sister Stacey and her fiancé. That side trip soured Brooks on all things Silva. The twins squabbled the whole time and Brooks found the whole experience off-putting. They got back to London and tried to end on a high note and said they wanted to keep the relationship going once she got home. Ultimately, however, Brooks broke up with her via video chat. 

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Did Darcey and Tom get back together?


The latest season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days showed Silva and Brooks at the tail end of their second attempt at a long-distance relationship. They had a few awkward video chats, an even more awkward meetup, and lots of conversations about each other with other people. They finally called it quits and it's been public knowledge that they have been seeing other people since then. Brooks referred to flying off to Canada to meet a woman named Shannon on the show. Off-camera, Silva was spotted at a Super Bowl party with a new man. 

Who is Tom Brooks dating now?

The Shannon relationship was short-lived and Brooks moved on to a different woman named Amanda McAdams. They were going strong for a while and it even appeared that Brooks was living in her New York apartment. He met her family over the holidays, she met his TLC co-stars and it seemed like all systems were go for this pair. Then he put out the word that they were broken up as of January in a comment on one of his mother's Instagram posts. She had put up a humorous list of rules about dating her son and in the comments, he indicated that he and McAdams were finished.  



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Brooks brought McAdams to meet the cast of his show. 


Who is Amanda McAdams?

McAdams is a New Yorker with a love of yoga and travel. On her website, YogaXperience, she shares her story of coming to New York in her 20s and hustling her way from bartending to investment banking. Her real love, apparently, is yoga and she shared videos of her workouts on her IGTV channel and on her website. She seems to be training to become a yoga instructor herself as well. She doesn't share anything about her dating life on her social media but she does share travel photos and that gives us a few hints about her status with Brooks.

She was in his hometown in February.

While Brooks put out that he and McAdams were old news in January, she was in his neighborhood just a few weeks later. In her Instagram stories, she has a number of photos of Nottingham England, which is where Brooks lives. While it is possible that she had a reason to be there that wasn't about seeing Brooks, it seems like too big of a coincidence to be unrelated. 


McAdams in Nottingham in February 2020.

Brooks says he's not single. 


For his part, Brooks has hinted that he is not looking for love. In a now-expired Instagram story, Brooks asked enamored fans to stop sending him suggestive messages and said that he had someone in his life now. He doesn't drop any names but a quick scan of his social media contacts confirms that he and McAdams follow each other. Not only that, his mom and sister follow the yoga-enthusiast as well. The same cannot be said for Brooks and Silva so it's not just that he stays Instagram-friends with his exes as a matter of course.

It looks like Brooks is trying to keep this relationship private. Maybe that will work better for him than having his made-for-reality-TV relationship with Silva. 

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