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Who Is David Bowie's Daughter, Lexi Jones — And Why Hasn't She Seen Her Mom Iman In Six Months?

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Who Is David Bowie's Daughter, Lexi Jones — And Why Hasn't Seen Her Mom Iman In Six Months?

Even while celebrating Mother's Day over the weekend, many of us didn't end up getting to spend time with our families thanks to social distancing, and that even applies to a certain celebrity kid who's been away from her mom for a long time. 

In honor of the holiday, David Bowie's daughter, Lexie Jones, penned a sweet tribute to her mom, Iman, and happened to mention that it's been six months since they've seen each other. Is this just about COVID-19? After all, the pandemic hasn't been happening over here for that long. 

Who is David Bowie's daughter, Lexi Jones?

And why hasn't she seen her mom? Here's everything you need to know.

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Jones shared a message for Iman and a plea to her followers.


A post shared by Lexi Jones (@_p0odle_) on May 10, 2020 at 11:09am PDT

On Mother's Day, Jones shared a photo of her and her supermodel mom when she was younger, pleading with followers to follow social distancing guidelines so that she'd be able to reunite with her soon.

"Happy Mother's Day again. Here’s another w me holding a chikkken nugget. Everyone pls stay inside I haven’t seen my mom for 6 months because we live on opposite coasts and it is very difficult to leave ny right now but I’m a child and i miss her dearly so pls be party poopers this one time so it doesn’t take 2 f*cking years to see her again thank you!" she wrote.

Why hasn't she seen her mom? She explained in the comments.

Since the coronavirus pandemic likely wouldn't have kept Jones and Iman apart for six months, a follower asked in the comments why it had been so long. Jones replied, "We see each other every few months since we live in different states and it had already been a good couple months since I saw her when this whole thing happened. So yeah it has been 6 months and it could end up being way longer." 

Who Is David Bowie's daughter? Jones is 19 and lives a pretty private life.


A post shared by Lexi Jones (@_p0odle_) on Apr 25, 2019 at 9:35am PDT

Though Jones has two very famous parents, she herself seems to lead a low key life, and she hasn't shared much about herself other than her Instagram account. The 19-year-old seems to love doing things like hanging out with friends and taking selfies like anyone else her age, and she graduated from high school in 2018.  

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She and her dad were very close.

Bowie passed away in 2016, but as his biographer, David Buckley, has said, he was dedicated to being a father to her for the 15 years of her life he got to spend with her.

"He missed out on much of Zowie’s young life, and wanted to spend as much time as possible with Lexi," Buckley said.

She's an artist.

One thing Jones does share about herself: Her love of art. She has a separate Instagram account dedicated to it, and not only does she draw on paper but she also takes on more unique, unusual projects like using clothing as a canvas. For fans of her work, Jones also sells her work on Depop. 

She occasionally shares glimpses of her family on Instagram.

Once in awhile, Jones will share photos of her childhood that include her famous dad, especially around holidays like Father's Day, when she's shared throwback photos with Bowie. It's clear that her dad was a huge part of her life and always will be, and hopefully, she and her mom will be able to be reunited soon. 


A post shared by Lexi Jones (@_p0odle_) on Jun 17, 2018 at 12:48pm PDT

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