20 Creative Ways To Make Your Quarantine Birthday Special

quarantine birthday ideas

Before the coronavirus pandemic, most of us would have birthday parties or planned activities to do with our closest friends. Now that many of us are on lockdown or in quarantine, birthdays and other celebrations have been postponed or canceled altogether.

Some of us have even had to celebrate our birthdays alone — without the company of our loved ones by our side.

I know that spending your birthday day in quarantine is the farthest from normal. Especially with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) health guidelines. The CDC recommends that we do not socialize in groups with more than 10 people and even while doing so we should still be social distancing.

COVID-19 has turned our worlds upside down. Normal outings have become a rarity. How we socialize has even been changed to flatten the curve.

Our current situation should not stop you from commemorating your day of birth, though! Coronavirus has taken a lot from us. Do not let it take your special day too.

Even in our current climate, it is still possible to have a great birthday during lockdown. Who knows, your quarantine birthday might just be your most special birthday yet!

All you have to do to make the most of it is be creative. You are only as limited as your imagination and the CDC guidelines.

During this pandemic, I was invited to three quarantine birthday celebrations. One was for my little brother. Luckily, I could physically attend his at-home birthday party because my family is quarantined together.

The fact that we were altogether made his birthday feel a lot more normal — we had a pizza party filled with games and laughs. We all got to see his priceless reaction when we got the video game he was asking for, as a birthday present. Even though we didn’t leave the house it was a memorable day.

For the virtual birthday celebrations I attended, what made them special was that we made fun of the fact that we were quarantined, instead of looking at it as a burden. We video chatted so we could all feel connected.

My friends and I played virtual games and were able to hear one another’s commentary and see each other’s facial expressions in real-time. We even ended up watching a movie together. My friends and I were able to do all of this without leaving the comfort of our homes or breaking quarantine.

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I know some people are still having normal house parties to celebrate their birthdays, but I would advise against that, because it goes against the CDC health guidelines. When we decide to not practice these guidelines, we are not only put ourselves in danger of catching coronavirus. We are also putting others at risk.

Our actions during this pandemic affect everyone, from those closest to us to even strangers. All it takes is one person to get coronavirus to continue to spread.

So to stay safe, look to these creative ways to make your quarantine birthday extra special:

1. Host a movie night.

Movies nights are very fun since theatres are closed, bring the theatre home. Pick out some of your favorite films and grab your popcorn. If you and your friends are quarantine separately, download Netflix Party or watch the movie on Zoom with your friends.

2. Make your birthday a spa day.

It’s your birthday, so pamper yourself! Buy that press on nail kit, face mask, robe, anything else you might want to give yourself that tender love and care you deserve. Having a spa day on your birthday is a perfect way to destress.

3. Try an at-home sip and paint.

Grab your favorite wine or any alcoholic beverage of your choice if you’re over 21, grab your paint, and canvas. You can just start painting with your favorite music in the background or follow a tutorial on youtube. If you want your friends to join in, video chat them.

4. Revamp some clothes with tie-dying.

Tie-dye clothing is trending right now, so it’s everywhere. Some tie-dye sets are pricey. To save some money and have fun revamp your clothes. Buy a tie-dye kit and start dying your old clothes.

5. Have your friends drive over for a car parade.

I’ve seen car parades all over social media and they seem so fun. Ask your friends to drive around your neighborhood with loud music and posters to celebrate your birthday.

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6. Build a fort.

If you have twinkly lights, sheets, a couch, and a few chairs you can make a fort. Build a fort with your whoever your quarantined with. Throughout the process, I’m sure you’ll have a blast.

7. Host a tea party.

Get out of your PJs and get dolled up. Set your dining table. Have some tea and sandwiches and have a tea party, just like we use to do as kids. If you’re quarantined video chat your friend and ask them to get ready for the tea party too.

8. Sing Karaoke.

Karaoke is always fun. Pick your favorite songs and sing along.

9. Throw an exclusive party at home.

I’m not saying to invite all your friends over. Have a party with the people you are quarantined with. Decorate your for your birthday party and even get a cake.

10. Play in a virtual game night tournament.

You can only play board games when you are in close proximity. In quarantine play virtual games or even video games. The winner gets to face the birthday girl or boy.

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11. Host a brunch.

Brunch over zoom is almost as good as the real thing. Get dressed. Make your favorite breakfast and just catch up for your girls.

12. Compete in a cook-off.

Have a cook-off with your family. Use random grocery items to come up with yummy meals. The birthday girl or boy will be the judge of the meals.

13. Have a fashion show.

Get cute. Plan your outfits and just strut through the house. Have your favorite music blasting as you do your model walk.

14. Turn your backyard into an obstacle course.

If you’ve seen shows like American Ninja Warrior, you’re familiar with competitors competing on a challenging course. Find random objects around your house and build your own course.

15. Have a mini tailgate in your backyard.

I love football season. Since coronavirus canceled many spring football games, host your own tailgate. You and your family can wear your favorite team’s apparel, play games, barbeque, and drink. You all could even rewatch your favorite game.

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16. Make prank phone calls.

If you want a quick laugh call strangers and prank them. You can always go the traditional route and block your ID. If you want to spice up your pranks, try using a prank calling app.

17. Throw a picnic.

You can have this picnic in a nice scenic area outside. Grab a rug or blanket and bring your favorite snacks. Have a picture-perfect quarantine with your quarantine buddies.

18. Have a fancy date at home.

If you’re lucky enough to quarantine with your significant other, order take out and make it a date night. Having candles lit and a nice dining set will make it a feel like a fancy dinner.

19. Host a comedy night.

You and your friends may be apart, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share a laugh. Everyone should get a chance to be a comedian once in their life, so why not on your birthday. Whether you’re laughing with or at them, this will surely be a fun night.

20. Have an online shopping spree.

Malls are closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shop till you drop. Do all the retail therapy you need on your special day.

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