10 Romantic Date Night Ideas At Home During Coronavirus Quarantine

Being stuck inside is more fun than you think.

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It’s nice to go out and enjoy a walk through the city with our loved ones for a date idea. It can be a bright and sunny day that symbolizes peace, but right now that simply isn’t the case. If you’ve noticed restaurants, libraries, museums, and local stores shutting down, then you already know our lives have drastically become interrupted thanks to the coronavirus. Most fast food or coffee shops are now to-go orders only, and stay-at-home mandates are happening all across the country in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus through quarantine.


This world-wide pandemic puts people with weak immune systems most at risk — particularly our elders or people diagnosed with particular chronic illnesses. COVID-19 is a virus that originally came from Wuhan, China and spread nationally from Italy, Iran, the United States, and more.

For the duration of what's been declared a national health emergency, we are urged to stay inside our homes and away from people as much as possible until things settle down. Even though we’re tempted to enjoy absorbing some vitamin d by going on a walk or visiting the park, just remember who you’re putting at risk the longer you’re out. Social distancing has been interrupting our daily routine with work, family, and friends, but it's for the greater good. Which means that our romantic date night ideas need to be happening at home.


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In the midst of people losing jobs due to mandatory quarantines, social distancing, college classes across the country changing to online, curfews in various cities, and hospital rooms becoming full, it can feel overwhelming — as if the world may be coming to an end.

But we can look at the bright side too. There are more people working at home now than before. Online shopping, deliveries, classes and more help reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) from vehicle transportation. Not only vehicles affect the atmosphere but also human activities that result in carbon footprints, which are defined as greenhouse gases resulting from human activities that produce tons of CO2. Staying at home uses fewer greenhouse gases to help reduce tension in our atmosphere.


Now that you’re stuck at home with your partner or spouse, what are some fun activities to do with your spouse? Unfortunately date nights away from the kids probably aren't going to happen anytime soon, so instead, let's try to look at the positive — we get the chance to spend more quality time with our loved ones, right here at home.

So if you're looking for something a little more romantic to do at home after the kids go to bed (or maybe they are just watching TV in the other room), take a look below at our list of the best romantic date night ideas at home you can do right in your living room.

1. Write a song together.

Something about writing a song with your partner without worrying about time carries a certain type of peace. You could write about how you both first met, what loves you, or how two is better than one. Music always brings people together in troubling times where fear and anxiety are common.

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2. Do a fun DIY project together.

There’s nothing more exciting than creating projects with our own hands. Couples who engage in more activities together have a strong and healthier relationship together.

There’s plenty of doing it yourself projects for couples, like repainting furniture with your own twist to it, planting vegetables and herbs in mason jars decor, transfer photos on blocks of wood, or even making a coffee table from wood pallets you have stashed in the garage.

3. Make conversation over a classic board game, or while playing cards.

I remember the best conversations I’ve had when I used to play card games with family and friends. Card games help to enjoy each other’s company without steering off into binge-watching Netflix shows the whole time.

Games like Rummy, Gin, Black Jack, and War are great card games for couples. Maybe you would like to have a double date night. Cards games like Cards without Decency or Couple Trivia games help bring everyone close together unless you’re super competitive. Otherwise, I’d recommend focusing on the less intense games.


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4. Build a fort-like you’re ten years old again.

This particular idea will never be too old to outgrow. You can get some lavender scented candles as the only light source while making the room smell appealing. After taking all of your sheets, pillows, and blankets into building a fort, go ahead grab a flashlight to tell dramatic stories to each other.

This alone will help couples enjoy the simplest things in life, without depending on electricity. Instead, they will be forced to become creative with each other, which will build on their relationship.

5. Host a tasting party for two.

This is the time to try tasting food and drinks together that you’ve been meaning to satisfy your curiosity. You can take your time while taste testing wine, ice cream, cookies, whiskey, or even tropical smoothies.


If you love posting videos on YouTube, then this could be a creative reaction video. It’s always entertaining to observe other people’s reactions when they try either heavenly or utterly disgusting food or drinks.

6. Create a spa night together for total relaxation from a busy life.

Relaxing together can become super romantic for any couple. Draw yourselves a bath to fill with Epsom salt, bubble soap liquid, and essential oil body scrub to help soothe each other.

There’s nothing more pleasing than assisting your loved one in making them feel clean. Don’t forget to get your favorite smelling candles to place around the bathtub for a steamy romantic night as well.

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7. Do a couple's painting class right in your living room.

Grab your favorite wine, paintbrushes, and a couple of fresh canvas. Don’t worry about the expenses, because there are places that offer cheap canvases online. Look up creative YouTube tutorials about painting using different objects, like newspapers, sponges, and string.

One of my favorite art projects was with a friend. We had four canvas to paint on and recreate a picture we took for senior year. Even though it was time-consuming, painting with her was one of the best moments to look back on.

8. Host a one-on-one karaoke night.

If your neighbors don’t mind, having a karaoke night can help express how you feel. If you’re feeling romantic, then serenade to your girl or guy about how they make you feel. Who cares if you’re not Mariah Carey or Michael Bolton, because this about you two singing your hearts out.

Having special prizes for the winner who can sing the most songs without messing up. These are the types of nights that help with endorphins and serotonin to help build a healthy relationship.


9. Learn a new language together.

Even though learning a language won’t happen in one night or two, it is also a wonderful learning exercise for couples. We’re all in confusing times where we can’t detect how long the quarantine will last. In the meantime, why don’t you learn a language that you’ve been meaning to get around?

Perhaps you both have family members that speak different languages, that you’ve been wanting to learn to communicate better. You both want to travel to either Italy, Mexico, or France one day and you want to be prepared for it one day. I recommend buying lots of sticky notes to place on furniture or other objects to learn the basic words or grammar phrases first.

10. Read together.

If your partner and you enjoy reading, quarantine is the perfect time to set up a comfy reading section at home. This could be inside a tent with pillows and blankets, or two comfy chairs while sipping on hot tea. I recommend London Fog or Jasmine Peach tea.

This is a wonderful time to get to that relationship book, you’ve both been meaning to go on a journey with. Grab any travel magazines reader to start planning any trips or mystery books that you talk about to each other afterward.


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Sofia Stewart is a writer who covers love and relationship topics.