'90 Day Fiancé' Shocker: TikToker Lordakeet Says Big Ed Brown Sexually Abused Her

A TikTok user named Lordakeet says Big Ed Brown harassed and assaulted her.

'90 Day Fiancé' Shocker: TikToker Lordakeet Says Big Ed Brown Sexually Abused Her Instagram

This season of 90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days has been as dramatic off-screen as it has been on screen. Between fans questioning cast member Stephanie Matto's sexuality to Geoffrey Paschel's long rap sheet of domestic violence, audiences have been hard-pressed to find a likable character. 

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Now, even Big Ed Brown, the lovable underdog of the season, seems to have a dark past that he's hiding. A young woman with the TikTok username Lordakeet has dropped a series of videos accusing Brown of sexually harassing and assaulting her. 

Brown, who is a photographer and interior designer in California, isn't saying anything about the accusations so far but Lordakeet isn't backing down from her story.

Who is Lordakeet, Big Ed Brown's accuser?

Read on for everything we know so far. 

Who is Ed Brown?

Ed Brown is a 54-year-old resident of San Diego. He's a professional photographer with a background in architecture. According to his social media, he also works in sales. It's not entirely clear what kind of company he works for but in 2010, he apparently sold closets and based on the clips from the show since it started airing, it seems like he is still doing something with home interiors now. 


He is on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days.

Brown told audiences that he has been divorced for 28 years and he admitted on social media later that his marriage fell apart due to his infidelity. He said he has been single for all that time because his focus was on raising his daughter, who is now 29. At the outset of the show, he explained that he has fallen in love with a 23-year-old Filipina named Rosemarie Vega and he is headed overseas to meet her and her young son for the first time. 

Who is Lordakeet and why is she accusing him of sexual harassment? 

While Ed is sharing his story on TV, at least one person who knows him in real life found herself shocked to see him carrying on with a younger woman. A TikTok user who goes by Lordakeet posted a video on April 9 with the captions "The moment of finding out that the man who sexually harassed me for 9 months has moved to his next victim ... in front of all  America." She added captions that say she doesn't know what to do next because she signed a non-disclosure agreement. 


In an additional video from April 17, she posted that she realized her harasser had been grooming her for nine months. Finally, on the 22, she posted another video, set to Lizzo's 'Good As Hell' announcing that she had decided to confront her harasser

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She called Ed Brown out by name.

Lordakeet, whose real name is still unknown at the time of this writing, didn't hesitate once she made her decisions to reveal her harasser. In a video she added over the weekend, she straight-up named "Big Ed", complete with clips of him from Before The 90 Days, and said he was the man who had harassed her. 


It took awhile to build my confidence, please don’t let it flop... ##biged ##90dayfiance ##tlc ##realitytv ##makethisviral

♬ original sound - lordakeet

Lordakeet says Brown harassed and assaulted her. 

Who is Lordakeet?

While we don't know the TikToker's name, she is very open about her background on the video site. She has posted videos where she talks about having depression and shares that she has been treated for an eating disorder in the past. She also mentioned having a "toxic mother" in one video. When she first revealed her sexual harassment in a video, she noted that she had been through therapy to deal with the trauma of the experience. In another video, she posted information about how to get help for sexual trauma and she had offered support to others suffering from mental illness, so it's clear she hopes to help people with her videos. 


How does she know Ed Brown?

Brown is a photographer and, in his intro on the show, he was photographing a young woman in his apartment. His home is covered with photos of women in bikinis and lingerie and on his Instagram he shares other examples of his work. So it's plausible to speculate that Brown's photography work could have been the reason he and Lordakeet know one another, though there's no confirmation of that.

However, Lordakeet took to TikTok on April 28 to explain in a little more depth what was going on. She reiterated that she is under an NDA and said that all she could say at this point is that she and Brown once worked together. That leaves a lot open to interpretation but since we already know that Brown has worked at home design companies, it makes sense that she may have been at the same company. If she filed a formal complaint through their employer, the settlement could have included an agreement to keep matters private. 

It's also possible that she was a model for Brown and worked with an attorney to deal with the harassment. In that case, the NDA could have been part of a settlement she and Brown came to privately. 


This, of course, is all speculation and Lordakeet acknowledges that there is a lot she isn't allowed to say about the situation. 

Lordakeet says she and Brown worked together. 


Rosemarie Vega has complained about Brown as well. 

After the most recent episode of the show, where Brown was shown conspicuously handing his girlfriend a toothbrush and mouthwash as a hint that her breath wasn't to his liking, she took to social media to vent about him. In a now-expired Instagram story, she said her overseas boyfriend was using her to get TV fame. "He did not even give me any gifts except bra and panties. All the words out of his mouth are lies. It’s not at all true. He did not care about me, especially my son,” Vega claimed. “I always talk about you. You are always liar. You are a liar. It’s fake. All this is lies.”

Brown hasn't commented on this situation so far and neither has TLC. However, it seems certain that Lordakeet will talk more about her history with the reality star so keep an eye on her TikTok for more details. 

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