Is One Direction Reuniting? The Tweet That Set 1D Fans Wild With Anticipation

Wait, this could actually be happening.

Is One Direction Reuniting? The Tweet That Set 1D Fans Wild With Anticipation Getty

It's been five years since the guys of One Direction called it quits — although, at the time, they assured fans it was just a hiatus — but it could be the perfect time for them to get back together again and make some music now that many of them, including Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, and Niall Horan, have gone on to have successful solo careers.

Last week, fans noticed some pretty suspicious Twitter activity from the guys, including Styles, Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne, and now, it's led to a big debate about whether or not a 1D reunion might be on the horizon. 


So is One Direction reuniting and getting back together?

Here's what we know so far.

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The former members of One Direction have now followed Malik on Twitter.

The biggest clue that One Direction could be reuniting has come from eagle-eyed fans who realized that Styles, Horan, Tomlinson, and Payne had all started following Malik on Twitter again after unfollowing him after all the drama went down when Malik left the group in early 2015. It's definitely worth noting that Malik has yet to follow them back, but that could definitely still happen. Whether it's about a reunion or not, something definitely seems to be going on behind the scenes.


Their website has also been reactivated.

Fans also pointed out on Twitter that the One Direction website has been reactivated and updated to show that the copyright is now for 2020. This is an especially interesting development, considering that it happened around the same time that everyone decided to follow Malik on Instagram again. The clues just keep adding up! 

Payne has recently hinted that they might be planning something for the band's 10-year anniversary.



A post shared by Liam Payne (@liampayne) on Jan 8, 2020 at 1:00am PST

In an interview earlier this month, Payne did share that he felt the group would be doing something to celebrate their 10 year anniversary, which happens this year.


“We've got a ten-year anniversary coming up so we've all been speaking together a lot over the last few weeks which has been really nice," he said. “To hear a lot of people's voices and seeing old content and different things that we haven't seen for a long time or never seen before, it's very interesting. At the moment I'm not sure what I'm allowed to say."

Horan and Payne also recently FaceTimed each other.  

Although the screenshot has since disappeared from Payne's Instagram story, he and Horan recently FaceTimed to chat. "First FaceTime with this one in awhile... hadn't another hat available for morning hair so this had to do at 10 am," Payne wrote, explaining why he was wearing a cowboy hat during their chat. 

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Styles has mentioned a reunion, too. 



A post shared by @harrystyles on Dec 6, 2019 at 5:00am PST

In an interview that took place amidst all the rumors, Styles didn't seem keen on a Zoom reunion, but it sounds like he's down for it if that's what it comes to. 


"I don’t know if that’s the reunion that we’ve had in mind,” Styles said. “I don’t know if that’s how, if that would be the way to do it but I’ll have a quick whip-round.”

There are reports that they're working on new music.

According to a source close to the situation, the guys are reportedly working on something right now... which could mean a new single is in the works.


“There’s still a long way to go and a lot of hurdles. Obviously, at the moment anything they do would have to be done virtually," the insider said. "But there’s a lot of goodwill between them now and they want to make something happen.”

Is One Direction reuniting? No one has confirmed (or denied) the rumors yet.

So far, all we know is what these clues and the guys' interviews have told us — that something is likely in the works, but we have no idea what form it'll take (or when). Hopefully, good news for fans is on the horizon, because it's definitely been a minute since we've seen all five of the guys together at one time. Even a performance would be enough... but we're definitely not gonna turn down a new album later this year, either! 

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