Is Amanda Bynes Pregnant? Troubled Actress Announces She's Having A Baby, Seemingly Out Of Nowhere

This is a plot twist that no one saw coming.

Is Amanda Bynes Pregnant? Troubled Actress Announces She's Having A Baby, Seemingly Out Of Nowhere Getty Images

Well, this is certainly an interesting turn of events! After going mostly radio silent in recent years, Amanda Bynes has an important announcement to make: She's pregnant! 

Or at least, that's what she insinuated when she took to Instagram to share a photo of an ultrasound (with absolutely no explanation). 

So is Amanda Bynes pregnant, or was she just kidding around? We don't know much so far, but here's what we do know.


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1. Recently, Bynes announced that she is engaged.



A post shared by Amanda Bynes (@amandabynesreal) on Mar 9, 2020 at 6:34pm PDT

Though Bynes keeps it pretty low key on social media, on Valentine's Day, Bynes took to Instagram to share (in a since-deleted post) that she's engaged to boyfriend Paul Michael, who she reportedly met at an Alcoholic's Anonyous meeting. Later, though, reports surfaced that Bynes and Michael had gone their separate ways but as recently as March 9, Bynes has been sharing selfies with her reported boyfriend again.


2. Then, on Tuesday night, she shared an ultrasound photo on Instagram. 



A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on Mar 17, 2020 at 9:15pm PDT

Although she has since removed the post, Bynes shared a photo of an ultrasound that appeared to be hers — it had her name on it, and it was even dated March 17, 2020. It's likely that the ultrasound is real and is hers but why she ended up deleting it is still a mystery, and unfortunately, in her caption, she didn't include any details. 

3. Bynes is still seeking treatment for her mental health. 

According to what Bynes' lawyer, David Esquibias, has said in a statement, Bynes is currently continuing to seek treatment for her mental health, but he also asked for her to have privacy at this time. 


“Any reports that Amanda is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction issues are completely false,” his statement said. “We ask for privacy during this time, and for any speculation about her personal life from the public and the media to cease so Amanda can focus on getting better.”

4. She is still under a conservatorship.

Though Bynes' conservatorship was up for review in 2018, it has since been renewed through August 2020, which means that at least for most of this year, her legal decisions will all need to meet the approval of her guardians. It's hard to say how this could affect her pregnancy going forward but she doesn't seem to have the same independence that many people do at this point.

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5. Bynes has been silent on social media ever since her big announcement.

Since she deleted the ultrasound photo, Bynes hasn't shared anything else related to her pregnancy or otherwise, so it's hard to say exactly what's going on with her and her personal life. Michael, her presumed baby daddy, is also staying silent — the last thing he posted on Instagram was a photo of their rings. 


6. Is Amanda Bynes pregnant? Sources seem to confirm the news.

Judging by the looks of her ultrasound, it seems like Bynes is pregnant and that she's not very far along, either — the image itself indicates that Bynes would be around six weeks along or sometime very early in the first trimester, much earlier than many women choose to announce their pregnancies. And now, a source claiming to be close to Bynes says she's "just barely pregnant" but happy. 

“She seemed excited,” the source said of Bynes' behavior when she was spotted in an OB/GYN's office on Tuesday.

Hopefully, she'll hop back on social media to fill us all in soon, but until then, it's just a waiting game.


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