50 Things To Do For Mother's Day During Quarantine

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What To Do For Mother's Day During Quarantine

Mother's Day is this weekend and many of us are scrambling to figure out just how on earth we will be able to celebrate this year.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, many of us have been ordered to remain at home in quarantine and avoid unnecessary travel in and around our state. This has forced hundreds of thousands of families to work from home and attend online Zoom classes from almost every grade level.

Birthday's have been celebrated from front lawns with families driving by with, "Happy birthday" posters and streamers, graduations will be virtual, and walking your pets have never been more consistent.

So what is there to do for Mother's Day during quarantine, you ask?

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Mother's Day is not only a day dedicated to our moms, grandmothers, aunts, etc., but it is a year-round celebration that shows them just how special, loved, and valued they truly are.

We know that some of your mom's and family members may be on the opposite ends of the country or even the world. That is why we are going to help you make this day extra special!

Maybe you're not the creative type and struggle with giving gifts for different occasions. (Don't worry, you're not alone!) But when you gift someone, especially your mom, a present with sentimental value, the emotions she expresses will truly be worth it.

No matter what you choose to do for all the moms in your life this year, know that each gift will create an even stronger bond between you both.

Here is a list of the best things to do for Mother's Day during quarantine this year! We will be featuring at-home ideas as well as those you can take part in once we are allowed back outside.

1. Go for a family hike.

Your mom is probably the busiest bee you know. That is why going for a nature hike can definitely ease her mind and help her remember why life is so beautiful even during uncertain times like these.

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2. Give a mani-pedi.

Although every nail salon and spa has been temporarily closed, that does not mean you can't bring them relaxation to your home! Grab the nail polish and get to work on your mom! She will definitely appreciate this gesture.

3. Chef if up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Breakfast in bed won't cut it this year! Cater to your mother's foody needs by whipping up some of her favorite meals throughout the day.

4. Host a paint & sip class at home.

Grab the wine and easels! Host a paint and sip class at home or via Facetime or Zoom if you and your mom are apart this year.

5. Make candles together.

Sitting down and relaxing while making your very own candles or vision boards together will definitely take your mind off things.

6. Host a fancy wine tasting at home.

If you are lucky enough to be at home with your mom right now, host a wine tasting! Grab a couple of your favorites bottles and cut up some cheese and grapes!

7. Give back to the community together.

If your mom is anything like mine, her main goal is to help anyone as best as she can. Make a few dozen meals and deliver them to your local Foodbank together.

8. Binge your favorite rom-coms.

Who doesn't love revisiting our old, favorite movies? Now is the perfect time to do so, especially with Netflix Party, a Google Chrome extension that allows you and your guests to watch the same movie/show together!

9. Sip wine and look through old family photos together.

This is one of the simpler things to do, but it is a sure way to look back at your favorite memories from your childhood and your mother's life before you were born!

10. Get hands-on with a Pinterest DIY project she's been dying to try.

Maybe you and your mom can build something together or even paint a few items that need a new look!

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11. Do something active together.

Get your mom up on her feet and help her exercise her mind, body, and heart.

12. Clean her entire house.

Let your mother relax today (and every day!) but cleaning up the house for her.

13. Go grocery shopping for her.

Now more than ever is when we should be looking after our parents. Let her give you a list of what she needs and go out to get them for her yourself (and throw in a few goodies, too!)

14. Book her an epic trip for next year.

Now is not the time anyone should be traveling. However, take advantage of the low prices and book a getaway for next year!

15. Make a scrapbook with all her pictures that are sitting in the attic.

Maybe you and your mom are separated this year. Try making her a scrapbook and sending it out to her just in time for Mother's Day.

16. Solve a puzzle together.

What better way to bond than trying to piece together a puzzle for hours?

17. Bake something delicious together.

We know everyone loves sweets! Try finding a simple, delicious recipe for you two to make!

18. Help her sage her house and teach her about healing crystals.

Gifting your mom with these spiritual cleansing tools will release any tension or negative energy she has been experiencing.

19. Host a family photoshoot.

Your mother's beauty and love for her family is timeless, and you don't need a professional photographer. Set up a tri-pod, put your cellphone in selfie mode and go to town.

20. Let her sleep in.

Simple, yet highly effective.

21. Go for a family bike ride.

Ride around your area and feel the spring breeze rush past you!

22. Plan a backyard picnic.

Grab a few snacks, perhaps some champagne, and chill out in the backyard.

23. Set up a scavenger hunt.

Get your whole family involved and make a scavenger list. Split up into teams and race to see who completes the list first.

24. Visit a park and smell the flowers.

Flowers usually begin to bloom in May. Why not take a stroll in the park and see all of the pretty flowers? She'll likely be dying to get out of the house for a while.

25. Start a garden for her.

Plant a few flowers or veggies in her very own home garden.

26. Visit a virtual museum.

Although you may not be able to visit a museum in person, there are lots of virtual tours to see!

27. Help her with a passion project.

Maybe your mom has always wanted to dive into photography or painting. Whatever it may be, book her a virtual class and try it with her.

28. Host a karaoke night.

Blast your favorite tunes and rock out with your mom either in her living room or over a Zoom conference.

29. Do an online yoga class together.

Unwind together and be still for a moment.

30. Have a front-yard BBQ with the neighbors.

Turn on the flames and grill up some of her favorites while staying socially distant from everyone.

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31. Host a pottery class.

Order some clay and beginner's equipment for an at-home activity that will be fun and experimental.

32. Treat her to an online shopping spree.

Spend a little something on your mom!

33. Go glamping in the backyard.

Build a luxury tent and sleep under the stars.

34. Go on a scenic road trip to nowhere.

Local, nationwide, you name it!

35. Grab some local flowers from the farmer's market.

While your mom is busy searching for herbs and veggies, pick out some of the prettiest flowers for her!

36. Host a virtual brunch with all of her friends.

Call up your mom's besties and host a special virtual brunch for them!

37. Set up a make-your-own-mimosa bar.

Who doesn't love this idea?! Everyone wins!

38. Give her the spa treatment right at home.

Your mom deserves a little exfoliation and relaxation, so gather your supplies and get ready to give her a facial. Bonus points if you make the masks by hand.

39. Take an online cooking class together.

Learn how to whip up some of the fanciest food together!

40. Host a tea party.

Dress up in your Sunday best for this fancy day, or do a virtual brunch over Zoom.

41. Help deep clean her house or yard.

Now is the best time to do good for your mom.

42. Stream a live DJ show with all her favorite songs.

Turn up the music and get down in your living room.

43. Host a comedy show or a (friendly) roast.

Giggles, drinks, food. What else can one possibly need?

44. Reenact her favorite Broadway show.

Rehearse your lines and bring out the extravagant outfits that are fit for this show. It'll be hilarious and memorable for your whole family.

45. Foster a dog during quarantine and let her play with it for the day.

This will get you extra brownie points if she's an animal lover.

46. Rent her dream car and go on a road trip (with no destination).

That's right. Rent your mom her dream car for a day! (or weekend, you'll get extra points for this)

47. Make her a homemade video.

Get the whole family in on this and ask everyone to express what your mom means to them.

48. Buy her some new books to read during the quarantine.

Whether these are self-care novels, fantasies, or spiritual reads, she will love them!

49. Give her a big hug.

A warm embrace is the best thing to do on this day and every day.

50. Make her a Mother's Day playlist.

What better way to say, "I love you," then a specially curated playlist?

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