5 Spiritual Gifts & The Meaning Of Each

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5 Spiritual Gifts & The Meaning Of Each

Each family member possesses unique spiritual gifts.

Spiritual gifts are personality traits that develop with time, and when expressed in your role as a member of a family the impact is an everlasting expression of unconditional love.

What is a spiritual family?

As individuals, we each have our own perspective on what and who is defined as family. We all know the definition of family has several meanings.

We all have biological, adopted, fostered and extended family. Another type of family that is not often talked about is spiritual.

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A spiritual family is a network of people who helps you with conflict situations that are based on God and religion.

They will be able to guide and assist you with any issues you have in life but more importantly the issues that have to deal with religion and God as well.

A spiritual family purely depends on the word of God rather than anything else.

They rely on spiritual blessings to live a better life.

Spiritual families are able to fight the demons and evil in the world by referring to God and the bible.

They have moral codes and they focus on the importance of life through the eyes of God.

This is what a spiritual group of people or family does with each other.

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Spiritual families are a learning group who has a bond that focuses primarily on the belief in a higher power.

Spiritual families read spiritual books, practice meditation, engage in discussions about spiritual powers and a host of other activities as one.

One of their major practices is to sing songs and do rituals in order to serve the higher power.

Blood and genetics do not always make up a family but the people who love and support you in life is the goal of the family.

Spiritual families are the same, they support and love you.

In most families, we all have roles that keep the family afloat, and these are what's called a spiritual gift.

Spiritual works the same in the nature of having roles that help in keeping the family strong and the foundation solid as a rock. What spiritual gifts do your family members have and what is the definition of each?

Here are five spiritual gifts each family member has, and what each one means:

Spiritual gift: Strength

As the strength of the spiritual family, your role is to ensure that each of the individuals within the family can learn and know their strengths in order to fight the day to day tasks of life.

You are already strong. You know what type of strength it takes to be as strong as you are and you are there to ensure that your spiritual family can develop this attribute.

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Spiritual gift: Motivator

As a motivator, your role is to motivate your family to do and walk like Christ.

You are there for them to be able to ensure that your spiritual family members do what they need to do in their lives to become closer to the higher power.

Your kind words can influence your family to do their best in life and to love God more each day.

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Spiritual gift: Leadership

As the leader, your role is to guide and love your spiritual family.

You know what to say at the right time to keep the main focus on God.

You help lead your family into the true leader's life which is our Lord and Savior.

You always ensure that the family is on a collective path in doing what it takes to walk with God.

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Spiritual gift: Wisdom

You are older, you have made several mistakes in life and you know who to turn to when all else fails.

You are looked at as the most important person in the family because you are like the grandparent.

Everyone looks forward to your past stories.

You have encouraging messages about how you will defeat anything you need in life as long as your faith in God is the focus.

You share your experiences as a way to connect with your spiritual family.

Your heart is pure and you want to see everyone in your spiritual family grow in faith in the Lord.

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Spiritual gift: The Student

You are new to the spiritual family. You are not sure where or if you belong to this group.

You know you have a love for the higher power and you often find yourself reading spiritual books and scriptures alone.

You decided to join the spiritual family because you want to be around people who have the same love and passion for God as yourself.

As you find your own identity while in this spiritual family you have to remember that you are now not alone.

You have people to go to when you are confused, have questions or need that extra person to lean on when you need them.

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