20 Best, Most Unique Mother's Day Cards Of 2020 To Celebrate Your Mom

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20 Best, Most Unique Mother's Day Cards Of 2020 To Celebrate Your Favorite Lady

This year feels different from others for many reasons. But one thing remains unchanged: Mother's Day is coming up very soon (this year, the holiday is on Sunday, May 10th), and now, more than ever, doesn't your mom deserve to be celebrated? Especially with a card?

Mothers are going through the ringer right now. They're homeschooling and working from home, all while trying to keep the family healthy and whole in the face of all sorts of upheaval.

There’s no doubt moms deserve a thoughtful gift, but what about also getting a fun and unique card? It can be a sweet card, a cheesy card, a funny card — anything to uniquely mark the occasion!

What should you get your mom? Here are 20 Mother's Day cards for the one woman who will always be your number one fan.

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Popup Cards

1. Hallmark Paper Wonder Mother's Day Bouquet Pop Up Card

While you can send flowers to mom, this card will last forever! The card folds flat and unfolds into a 3D diorama of a pot full of beautiful flowers, and is accented with glitter. Inside reads, "You are so loved." Plus, you can add your own lovely notes.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

2. 3D Pop Up Card & Gift Box

Imagine a gift for mom where you can add your own flair. Not only does she get this adorable popup card where you can write something sweet, but maybe add a small gift inside to make it more special.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

3. CutePopup 'The Warmest Hug' Card

This is truly a card from the bottom of your heart. What starts as a beautiful golden card turns into something creative and sweet. It's sure to make your mom smile!

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

4. Galaxy of Life Cobweb Card

As your mom pulls the tab at the center of the card, a delicate paper engineered cobweb will ascend. It then reveals a hidden message underneath. How cute and wild is this?

(Etsy, $10.25)

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Funny Cards

5. Tiger King Joe Exotic Card

Tiger King is so popular right now, especially those allegations against that B, Carole Baskin. If your mom is a fan, pay tribute to the weirdest thing to come out of streaming this year.

(Etsy, $4.64+)

6. 'Second Born' Card

Are you mom's favorite? Are you constantly out-shining your older siblings? This card is so funny and perfect for the middle child who always feels like they are playing catch-up.

(Etsy, $4.64+)

7. 'Sorry About Your Mother's Day' Card 

Looking for a Mother's Day card for your mom who is stuck in quarantine? This card is not only funny, but the inside is blank so you can write anything your heart desires to your mama.

(Etsy, $5)

8. 'The Lorelai to my Rory' Card

Are you and mom big fans of Gilmore Girls? Whether she loved the original series or the reboot, if you watched together, this is a memorable card she'll hang on the fridge for years to come.

(Etsy, $5+)

9. Freddie Mercury Mother's Day Card

Now, this is a card fit for a Queen! This Freddie Mercury card is sure to please the super fan. And the cover is pretty hilarious, right?

(Etsy, $3.75+)

Sentimental Cards

10. 'Baby Shoes and Blanket' First Mother's Day Card

Have a friend who is celebrating her first Mother's Day with her newborn? This card features a snuggly design of a pair of baby shoes and blankie with glossy accents and embossed details.

(Hallmark, $2.99)

11. Mother's Day Superhero Card

Let your mom know she's a Supermom with this fantastic Rifle Paper Co. card. It features gold foil text spelling out the words "Super Mom." Maybe include a cape with your card!

(Paper Source, $5.95)

12. 'Right About Everything' Card

We hate to admit it, but moms are right about everything. Give her this card and share a laugh. It reads: "Mom, you were right about literally everything. Happy Mother's Day."

(Paper Source, $5.50)

13. 'Mama, You're a Real Gem' Card

Your mom is one in a million, so show her! This card features a gem on the front, but you can also choose from six additional prints. 

(Etsy, $4.50)

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14. 'Favorite Parent' Mother’s Day Card

This cheeky card only pretends to play favorites. At first glance, Mom might think you’ve finally decided to admit that she’s the winning parent. But upon closer glance, the card really keeps things fair — she’s one of your favorite parents.

(Paper Source, $5.95)

15. 'Smell The Rosés' Card

For the mother and child who love to drink wine together, give your mom this card of thanks. Add this card to a nice bottle of vino so you can share it together when things go back to normal.

(Paper Source, $5.95)

16. 'Nothing is Stronger' Card

Your mom has superpowers, after all! And this card shows that there's nothing stronger than her love.

(Paper Source, $4.95)

Truly Unique Cards

17. Wooden Mother's Day Card 

This adorable wooden card comes with a heart shape design with laser-cut “Mom” in the middle. And since your mom is the best mom ever, it's also engraved on the front. Inside, there's matte stock paper for the perfect keepsake.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

18. Oversized Personalized Mother's Day Card

Sometimes bigger is better. This is an oversized crowd-pleaser, a jumbo card that will make her excited and smiling. It also ships in a giant envelope and huge novelty stamp.

(Zazzle, $27.75)

19. Mom Collage Card

Send a personalized photo card that includes all your favorite pictures together. Just start with a template to customize your card, or create your own with photos, text, and creative designs.

(, $0.54+)

20. Mean Girls Burnbook Card

Your mom will absolutely love this one of a kind Mean Girls themed card. You can either leave the inside blank, or add your own personalized message inside. Maybe ask her out for a Humpday treat in the future!

(Etsy, $6.20+)

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