15 Of The Best Life Lessons I Learned From My Mom

We learn some life long wisdom from an imperfect mom.

Say Happy Mother’s Day By Thanking Your Mom For Her Life Lessons & Love getty

This Mother's Day, it's time to remember everything our mothers have done for us and all the important life lessons we've learned from them.

It’s incredible how much a mother's love can impact your life.

When I was a child, I never fully recognized all that my mom did while I was growing up.

Her roles as a caretaker, manager, secretary, cook, cleaner, teacher, and friend finally came full circle for me when I became a mom, myself.


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At first, I was fooled into thinking I was going to be a "perfect" mom.

Sooner rather than later, after my first "mom unraveling", reality set in and I remembered thinking that although my mom was great, she wasn’t perfect either.


So without wasting any more time on that false truth, I immediately let that unrealistic temptation go.

The truth is, some of the best lessons learned in life were from my mom and her imperfections.

It was in those places, that I had an opportunity to grow and change and become the mother I wanted to be.

Her imperfections, like mine, are many. Some are different and some are the same. My other mom friends can relate.

None of them are perfect either, yet we all lean on and learn from each other so we can become the best moms we aspire to be.

Some of the greatest wisdom came from her — even if it wasn’t always executed perfectly, leaving a long — lasting impression on me.


These were the things that my mom not only shared with us but modeled as I grew up.

They were the foundation for shaping me into who I am today — an imperfect mom — doing the best I can.

These are the lessons, that I cling to when raising my own children, in the hopes that they will also learn and grow from my imperfect way of implementing them in their lives.

With that said, since Mother's Day is coming up, it's time to thank your mom for these 15 life lessons and wisdom. 

  1. Always say "please" and "thank you".
  2. Put yourself together.
  3. Be clean.
  4. Be kind.
  5. Be generous.
  6. Show compassion.
  7. Cook with love.
  8. Pluck your eyebrows.
  9. Learn how to properly set a table.
  10. Never talk about money.
  11. Be courageous.
  12. Be fearless.
  13. Be bold.
  14. Be humble.
  15. Love God.

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Although the list is basic, those practices were impactful.

Watching my mom feed five children and then proceed to make another meal for a family in need, showed empathy and grace.

It taught me lessons in love, humanity, and sacrifice.

Her excitement in setting a table for a special occasion in which to present a delicious homemade meal taught me how to take pride in what I do and to do things with love.


Seeing her stand up for herself in a male-dominated work environment for equality, taught me to be fearless, bold and brave.

And finally, bringing us to church weekly to offer gratitude and thanks for all we have taught me humility.

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Amy Debrucque is an inspirational writer, encourager, survivor, and believer. She’s had articles published on ThriveGlobal.com, womanencouraged.com, ForEveryMom and was a guest speaker on The Love Offering Podcast.