22 Matching Mother-Daughter Gifts To Celebrate Your Special Bond On Mother's Day

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22 Matching Mother-Daughter Gifts To Celebrate Your Special Bond

The bond between mothers and their daughters is a uniquely special one that is unlike any other. There's never a bad time to celebrate this bond; while birthdays and the holidays are an obvious moment, Mother's Day is yet another time of year to celebrate this important relationship.

This Mother's Day (which occurs on Sunday, May 10th) will be a uniquely tough one for many families who are on the frontline. Mothers, especially, are trying to work from home, homeschool the kids, and keep their family healthy and safe at the same time.

Though money may be tight, these Mother's Day gifts offer a chance to make mom smile.

There's a meaningful gift to celebrate the bond between moms and daughters. Whether you have a mini me, or are a grown woman who wants to show mom how much you love her, you can't go wrong with these matching mother-daughter gifts.

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1. Posh Peanut Matching Family Pajamas

Since we're lounging around the house more often than normal, these cute matching pajamas are great for the entire family. You can even include dad! Posh Peanut specializes in the cutest looks for your little one, and matching pieces for both parents.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

2. Garnet Hill Women’s Summer Day Dress + Girls' Sundress

There's nothing cuter than a mother and her mini me walking around in beautiful weather donning matching outfits. These adorable dresses work so well for mommy and me outings, the boho dresses are perfect for spring.

(For mom: Garnet Hill, $149; For daughter: Garnet Hill, 38)

3. 'Mama and Mini' Shirts

Match your mini me in these adorable shirts that say "mama" and "mini." The shirts must be ordered separately, but will make your little girl proud of her mommy.

(Etsy, $14.69+)

4. Custom Photo Pajamas

These one of a kind personalized pajamas allow you to add a photo of you and your girl. Now, you can wear each other's faces when you're hanging out at home together. And why not have a cute mother-daughter sleeover?

(Photo Pajamas, $85 for a set)

5. Mom and Daughter Matching Top + Tutu Skirt

Now, your daughter can play dress up with you! Pretend to be ballerinas or fairies, or put on a fashion show in the backyard. Either way, these matching outfits are adorable.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

6. Secret Garden Mother-Daughter Floral Matching Dresses

This pretty summer dress for mom comes with a smaller matching dress for your little one. No matter how many daughters you have, she can choose between a romper and regular dress.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

7. Mother and Daughter Matching 'Boss' Shirts

Who is really the boss between you and your daughter? These shirts come in a variety of fun sizes, and are perfect for just a mommy and daughter, or the entire family.

(Etsy, $12.42)

8. Funny Junque Embroidered Matching Sun Hats

You and your cute kiddo will totally rock this hat while you sit outside in the sun. They're made of 100 percent paper, so each hat is lightweight and easy to carry around

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

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9. T. Jazelle 'Forever Family' Stackable Bracelets

These stackable bracelets are made with grey agate and amazonite, and includes charms of a family tree and one that says "family is everything." Give this to your mother or daughter to remind yourselves of your bond. The message is always positivity, love and empowerment.

(T. Jazelle, $115)

10. Hammered Heart Duet Necklace Set

This sweet combo makes the perfect mother-daughter gift and shows your forever bond. The larger heart necklace can be personalized with “mom” or “mama,” and the smaller heart necklace is great for her daughter. 

(Isabelle Grace Jewelry, $89)

11. Customized Alphabet Bead Bracelet

These stylish bracelets can be personalized with names, your favorite sayings, and more. The gold bracelets have white beads and the silver bracelets have black beads, so you can choose the color combination you'll be more proud to wear.

(Isabelle Grace Jewelry, $24)

12. Mother and Daughter Sterling Silver Necklace

This gorgeous necklace says, "Even when we are a world apart, you will always have me and I will always bet here for you. I love you forever!!" Get one for mom and one for yourself so you can always match.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

13. CharmSStory Mother-Daughter Heart Dangle Charm Necklaces

For the mother and daughter who love to match, these charm necklaces include one for each of you. One reads "mother" and one reads "daughter, and together, they fit into one another.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

14. Stella Valle Mother-Daughter Bangle Bracelets

This beautiful sentiment to the mother-daughter relationship is a great gift for Mother’s Day. The Stella Valle set features two bracelets in your choice of 18K gold or rhodium plate that, together, complete two halves of one circle. 

(Mark and Graham, $79)

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15. Treasured Passages: A Unique Keepsake For Mother & Daughter Kit

This letter book set includes 40 cards for mothers and daughters to exchange, share, and treasure. It comes with one 20-page book (to share), and over 40 cards and envelopes.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

16. Moments with Mom Keepsake Journal 

Give the gift of family time together with the help of some inspired ideas. This pretty keepsake journal offers thoughtful prompts for experiences to share with mom.

This keepsake journal includes thoughtful prompts to share with one another. You can write down fun anecdotes and even add pictures within the book. 

(Hallmark, $29.99)

17. 'Mother's Hug' Personalized Poster

This amazing portrait is a personalized poster and canvas of a mother‘s hug. You can choose your design, quote, and individual hair and clothing with this unique and special gift.

(AZ Custom, $24.99+)

18. Why a Daughter Needs a Mom Personalized Book

Turn this New York Times bestseller into a personalized gift book, adding photos and a dedication message for mom. She's been your role model from girlhood to womanhood, so give her this special keepsake so she never forgets.

(Put Me in the Story, $34.99)

19. Mother-Daughter 'No Matter Where' Compass Keychain Set

This fun gift comes with a set of two key chains, hand stamped with the words "no matter where" on a silver charm. The love between mother and daughter is forever, and when you put the keychains together, you'll see why.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)


20. Mommy & Me Matching Glitter Tumblers

Whether you're a "blessed mama" or "mama's blessing," each tumbler is handmade so no two will look the same. These adorable tumblers are double walled, vacuum sealed, and have an additional three layers of food safe epoxy resin, so the colors will never chip or fade.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

21. NEOVIVA Matching Kitchen Aprons

Does your little girl always want to help mommy in the kitchen? Now she can with these cheerful aprons. They have pockets, so mother and daughter can keep tools for cooking, baking, or gardening close at hand.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

22. Mother and Daughter Hug Mugs

For mothers and daughters who are quarantining together, enjoy your morning coffee alongside one another with these matching mugs. Mark your private moments enjoying each other's company with these mugs that interlock when pressed together. 

(Demdaco, $30)

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