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10 Best Christian Movies To Watch On Netflix That Are About Family & Faith

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10 Best Christian Movies To Watch On Netflix That Are About Family & Faith

If you have Netflix and want to watch a film about God and faith with your family, here's a list of the top Christian moves that are worth seeing.

Netflix has a huge variety of faith-based films. So instead of watching the show ‘Friends’ for the third time, warm up some hot tea and be reminded about God’s wonders.

What should you watch on Netflix?

The faith-based films Netflix offers shares multiple conflicts in our daily struggles and some are based on books, too.

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Whether that’s getting through a divorce, losing a loved one, second chances, and more. We all have so many chapters in our lives where we are not prepared to handle situations on our own.

A part of self-care is realizing our identity. We are loved and we all go through certain obstacles in our lives for a reason.

These faith-based movies help us realize God’s tests in multiple ways, to see how flexible our trust is in Him.

If you need time to yourself, watching a faith-based film can bring peace into the atmosphere. Make it a family night, and remind everyone how God always knows what’s best for us.

This could help broken relationships mend back together, or get those around you to open about certain things that are heavy on their heart.

Whatever the case may be, Netflix offers its viewers a chance to reconnect with God through impactful stories.

Here are 10 Christian movies on Netflix that you must watch with not just yourself, but with family and loved ones as well.

1. An Interview With God

For Paul, someone giving up their faith, meant that they gave up in life. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to ask God anything and everything?

God gives the journalist an opportunity to seek salvation. Paul’s marriage is falling apart after his trip back from Afghanistan affected him. His faith is challenged and time may be running out.

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2. God Bless the Broken

This emotional heart-wrenching movie portrays a woman, Amber, who becomes a widow. Her husband was a soldier who lost his life from a battle in Afghanistan. From being involved with her church, Amber slowly fades away in her despair.

After learning about her belated husband’s faith, while meeting a NASCAR racer, she discovers to grow again with God. No matter where life takes you, Amber finds that faith takes us further.

3. I’m in Love with A Church Girl

This movie portrays an ex-drug dealer who tried turning over a new leaf. After he meets a devout Christian girl, he has to work harder and trust in the church.

Miles learns that God desires everyone to come as they are. He is challenged to give up his old life, to become the godly man that Vanessa needs him to be.

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4. God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness

So often we are reminded what the church is against, rather than what it’s for. A pastor is challenged by his community on whether or not a church should stay on campus.

After the church receives arson and other attacks, the pastor is forced to fight back by showing others the love of Christ. This movie is a motivation to everyone about being the light in trouble times. We are all challenged by our faith, in order to show God how strong we stand by His side.

5. Samson

Even though this is a well-known story from the Bible, Samson reminds us of falling into temptation. God gave Samson incredible strength through his hair, but Samson fell into Delilah’s beauty.

Samson forgot that his strength came from God. For that, Palestine took advantage but Samson soon regained his strength to show God’s power one last time. Our strength will always come from the lords.

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6. Christian Mingle

This modern movie introduces us to the reality of online dating sites. Unfortunately, we’re not all that we claim to be online. Lacy Chabert hasn’t stepped into a church in awhile.

Trying to convince her date about her desire for the Lord, forces her to step back into God’s world. Her lie challenges her date to continue their relationship, but the journey introduces her to opening her heart for God.

7. A Question of Faith

What happens when you question God? This movie offers a variety of family situations, where they lose a loved one. A daughter going to prison or a son stuck in the hospital.

These stories remind us about our commitment to God, and not letting our faith whither. Families and churches are reminded to come together in trouble times, to lift each other up to continue moving forward with God. Don’t forget to grab a tissue for this one!

8. Come Sunday

This 2018 Christian film offers an outstanding cast like Martin Sheen, Danny Glover, and Jason Segel. This pastor challenges his congregation about not believing in hell.

If you are into movies that seek perspective with Christianity, then this movie is the type to watch. It’s based on a true story of Carlton Pearson and how he believed he heard a voice saying that Hell doesn’t exist.

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9. The Case For Christ

The journalist in this movie is prepared to study Christianity for two years. Starting off as an atheist, the further he studies the evidence of the crucifixion of Christ, the closer he begins to see Him.

The journalist takes us on a documentary journey to meticulously understanding God through theology. His skepticism is put to the test that will push him further to connecting with his family and Christ.

10. The Star

This animated Christian film is perfect for the whole family. Your kids will enjoy the journey of the greatest Christmas story ever told of the birth of Jesus.

These adventurous animals commit to helping Mary to reach Bethlaham for the special night. This movie brings us laughter, joy, and musicals for everyone to sing along to.

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