6 Books To Read That Are Better Than Their Movie And TV Adaptations

Binge on books - not on Netflix.

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Are you feeling bored lately? While going to the movies or watching TV is an excellent way to the pass time, there is a cheaper alternative that can give you a better, more in-depth experience (and take up more of your time). Or do you enjoy movies so much and wanted to know more about the story? Look no further than the books that movies are based off of.

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Reading can be an experience that pulls you in even further than you just getting to see it on screen. It can let you know more about the characters and their backstory. The characters that you just on display come to life in a whole new form. As much as movies try to do their counterparts justice, there is only so much screen time that they can work with.

Movie adaptions and TV shows based on books and original novels are common, but there's just not enough available screen time to be able to get into the kind of detail a book can provide.

If you need to save a couple of pennies and want to have the same experience as a movie (if not a better one), try the book version of your favorite movies.

Books usually are cheaper than going to the movies — especially when you add the cost of movie tickets and food. Plus, you can stay in the comfort of your home, cuddle up on the couch and spend some quality "me time" with yourself.


Books also last longer than a couple of hours. You could it stretch into a couple of days or weeks if you wanted something to keep your attention, and they can give you a level of detail that it's easy to imagine the story and almost live through the story itself — reading books is just totally different than watching the movies. It's time better spent.

If you love the book you're reading and you finish, it's so satisfying to dive deeper by reading books written by the same author, or trying other best-selling books in the same genre. Plus, if you find yourself waiting for the next good rom-com to come out, books are a great way to fill in that time too. 

Take a look below at 6 of the best recent movie adaptations of classic books — maybe even watch the movie first to see how much you like it, then grab the book and dive in to a more well-rounded, detailed love story. You might like it more than you think.

1. P.S. I Still Love You

This movie is based off of the three-book series by Jenny Han. It’s a coming of age story, where it all began with Lara Jean’s letters being (accidentally) sent to the boys she had crushed on.


The book series (and corresponding romantic movies) goes through her ups and downs dealing with life as a high schooler experiencing love for the first time. You should expect one more movie release on Netflix, so be sure to read through the series before the last movie comes out. Most importantly, the books are reflected in the movies somewhat closely.

2. Emma

Emma is the most recently released movies out this year. It is another classic romance novel by author Jane Austen. If you liked Pride and Prejudice, you’d love this film and the original story that it's based on. A plot schemed by Emma to match up two of her friends doesn’t go as planned. The book is filled with humor, confusion, jealousy, and love all wrapped up into one. The film is a remake of the one produced in 1996.

3. Little Women

Another old-fashioned era novel tied into a movie, this was so well received that it got nominated for awards. The creation of author Louise May Alcott. Featuring the lives of a group of sisters, growing and pushing boundaries. Boundaries surrounding issues of love, loss, and ultimately forging a path for independent women.


4. A Dog's Journey

This series created by author Bruce Cameron, involving a man and his dog. How the dog transcends lifetimes to find his best friend again. Along his journey, he affects everyone he meets. His goal is to find what his real purpose is and why he is experiencing all these lives.

There is one more upcoming film connected to this series coming in 2021.

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5. Discovery Of Witches

Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness was recently adapted into a television series. With one season out, this is one series that you can continuously watch for the next couple of years. There are three books in the series, so we can only hope that there will be several more seasons to explain the other two novels.

A universe of witches, vampires, and demons who live among humans began to discover issues in their declining numbers in the population.

6. The Last Wish

A series that has been around for a while but has recently had a bit of life revived into it by Netflix. This is not only a series of eight books but also a trio of video games. It has an incredible fan base already behind it.


The first season of The Last Wish begins with the first prequel book in the series. The future seasons have been anticipated to follow each book. A Witcher who is famous throughout the land because of his various adventures. We throughout the books follow him along on those adventures as he battles evil, fights monsters, and raises a girl that is destined to save the world.

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