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10 Totally Underrated Movies On Netflix To Watch This Weekend

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underrated movies on netflix

Netflix is one of the few major streaming sites that have become one of the biggest platforms in home entertainment. Whether you’re watching by yourself, with friends or with family, Netflix one of the best streaming apps for watching your favorite movies and TV shows — all in the comfort of your own home.

Binge-watching every season of Grey’s Anatomy or dying of laughter from reruns of The Office has us completely hooked on Netflix and chilling, and with time the app just keeps getting better and better.

Adding addicting shows and great movies we already love in addition to releasing Netflix original movies and Netflix original series, the seemingly un-ending list of content has made Netflix one of the first online streaming sites to win an Emmy, Academy Award, Grammy and Golden Globe. Netflix originals like Bird Box and Roma have elevated streaming platforms into being initiated as a member of the Motion Picture Association along with Warner Bros and Paramount Pictures.

Also not to mention the popular TV shows like How to Get Away with Murder and American Horror Story that have also given Netflix an advantage over most cable providers.

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As much attention as all of these shows and movies get, you might be curious to find new titles that you’ve never seen before. Maybe there’s something new out there that most people aren’t raving about. There’s nothing more exciting then finding a hidden gem of a movie on your favorite streaming platform.

In the midst of all the new TV shows and movies Netflix is releasing, there have been a lot of great movies that have been overlooked. The site is consistently swapping content every month and many movies and shows can only be available for a certain amount of time.

So invite your friends over, order some pizza, and pop some popcorn because these are the 10 most underrated movies on Netflix that you might not have noticed — but definitely don’t want to miss out on.

1. About Time

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2. 20th Century Women

3. Her

4. 50/50

5. The Spectacular Now

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6. 6 Years

7. P.S. I Love You

8. Equals

9. Tallulah

10. The Good Neighbor

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