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3 Virgo Full Moon Rituals To Do On March 9th For Calming Your Anxiety & Loving Yourself, According To Astrology

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3 Virgo Full Moon Rituals To Do On March 9th For Calming Your Anxiety & Loving Yourself, According To Astrology

The world is once again in turmoil. Our leaders are not leading and we are left depending on our own devices in order to get by.

The stress levels are high this March, and with the full moon in Virgo rising high in the sky on March 9th, we can utilize the powers that be in a way that will help us overcome the stress and anxiety we've all come to know as our daily existence. And relieving stress will have a positive impact on our relationships and love horoscopes, no matter our zodiac sign.

The Virgo full moon comes with a warning: take care of your health.

And that's especially important where it might concern your pancreas, small intestine, digestion, eyes and ears. Avoid surgery on this date. It's time to pay attention to what's going on in your body, on a physical and mental level.

To work with this cosmic power and astrology, here are three full moon rituals we can do to summon in the good and repel the bad.

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1. Honor yourself as the Divine.

No matter what you believe in, if you are a person of faith, of dogmatic belief, of casual spiritual practice or an all-out atheist, you can and should take time out to honor the life force within you. Call it God, Energy, The All or simply "life" — it's undeniably "there" and if we are to get through this thing called life, as Prince said, we must know ourselves as the power source that can and will ultimately heal us.

Take time to look at the moon in all of its glorious fullness. How it shines, how perfectly mysterious it is. Gaze upon the beauty of La Luna and bask in her pale, reflected light.

To honor one's self as the Divine, we must give ourselves free reign to know ourselves as an intricate part of the universe. Allow yourself the power. Allow yourself to feel the cosmic flow of unending bliss.

Sit for meditation on the evening of the full moon in Virgo. Light a stick of incense, something light and inspiring, and give yourself the gift of sitting still, in silence. This is your private time, your moment.

Do not worry about how to meditate properly as of yet. You are just beginning, so make the effort to sit beneath the full moon (yes, you can do this indoors) and let your mind be cleared. Give yourself a good 15 minutes if you can, and don't judge yourself harshly if you can't. It will happen, all in good time.

When you breathe in during your meditation, inwardly say, "I honor myself." As you breathe out, say in your mind, "I am that which I seek." The power of Virgo will support this kind of meditation as it has purpose and direction.

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2. Care for your body.

There is nothing more powerful and healing than using the evening of the full moon for self-care. This particular lunar transit warns us to take care of our body, and that we are vulnerable during this time in certain areas.

The pancreas is mentioned, which should give us a heads up on how we should be careful about the intake of sugars. Go easy on the sugar, go easy on the overeating.

If you are someone who enjoys hot baths, then go for a dip on this evening. This is the time where you look at your body, examine it. Feel your skin, your hair. Allow yourself an evening of no judgement. Self-hate is not allowed on this night — it's all about self-love here.

Scent the water of your bath with rose, jasmine or lavender. Sit in the tub for a good 20 minutes, preferable after dark and think of the moon above you, while you bathe. Imagine yourself as the Moon herself — glowing, full, beautiful.

If you wash your hair, wash out the negative vibes. If you shave, shave away the negative forces. If you are simply there to be warm and clean, then allow the negativity of the day to slip off of you and down the drain.

Notice everything, and give yourself the gift of closure, knowing that the negativity is now washed clean. Slip into something clean for a good night's sleep.

3. Speak the perfect affirmations.

There is never a time where affirmations aren't appropriate, but there is definitely something perfectly timed when they are said during a full moon. With the influence of Virgo, words are taken very seriously. If Virgo rules perfectionism, then this is the perfect time to construct the perfect affirmations.

These are days of great stress and little patience. We need to draw to ourselves the healing power of positive thinking. Belief is a force in itself and can take any situation and make it better. When we believe the words we utter, we create a path for those words too manifest as reality.

Beneath the light of the full moon in Virgo, give yourself the gift of affirming what you desire. Turn your desire into reality by believing into being. Thought is creative. Try these affirmations:

I am safe.

I am healthy.

I am beautiful.

I open to the cosmic powers of the full moon and know myself as a being of Love and Light.

I honor myself as the Divine.

I am calm.

I am strong.

Blessed be, my friends.

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