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Everything To Know About Mikey Foster & Ariana Grande's Relationship

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When you're Ariana Grande, everybody wants to know who you're dating. And while she's had many high-profile relationships over the years, one of the most recent (and low-key ones) is with artist Mikey Foster. 

Who is Mikey Foster?

Mikey isn't just a pretty face who happens to be opening for Ariana and caught her eye while they were on tour. Mikey is a professional in the music industry himself with pretty stellar credentials. In addition to writing stuff for her, he's also helped write and arrange songs for the likes of Chris Brown, Meghan Trainor and even Jennifer Lopez.

But his relationship with Ariana as a colleague goes back a while, since the early days of 2015 when Social House worked with the singer to help her write and produce for the Christmas EP she released. So while you might not know of Mikey, that's not because he's a nobody. 

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Mikey Foster and Ariana Grande's reported relationship was short-lived.

Of course, this only makes us more interested. Why did they break up? Were they ever in a relationship at all? Here's what we know.

Foster and Grande began dating in August 2019.

Rumors began swirling that Foster and Grande were dating about 10 months after Pete Davidson and Grande called off their engagement.

The fact that she brought the band Social House, of which Foster is one half of, only helped stoke the relationship rumor fire. At that time, Tte band also released a new track with the singer. A track called "Boyfriend" — which — lol. 

Foster and Grande never confirmed their relationship.

In the music video for the single, Ariana and Mikey close things out by sucking major face in a makeout session for the ages.

But back at the end of 2018, Ariana played it coy about her relationship with Social House to say nothing of any burgeoning bliss with Mikey. 

“I don’t want to do what people tell me to do, I don’t want to conform to the pop star agenda. I want to do it on my own terms from now on,” she told Billboard. “If I want to tour two albums at once, I’m going to tour two albums at once. If I want to drop a third album while I’m on tour [in 2019], I’ll do that too! Please. Social House is my opening act — you don’t think we’re going to have a studio on the bus? That we’re not going to be making records on the road? Of course we are.”

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Foster and Grande have known each other for years.

While Ariana might have been trying to make things work with Pete Davidson, the truth of the matter is that she and Mikey aren't exactly strangers.

In fact, the singer and the musician have known each other for quite some time. Long before they were considering getting freaky, it was Mikey who helped Ariana and her team write some of her uber-successful singles like "7 Rings" and even "Thank U, Next." 

According to an article that was featured on The Blast, Mikey and Ariana have been casually seeing each other for a little while now, and while they're into each other, they're also taking things slowly. 

They may have met through Scooter Braun.

But collaborating probably isn't how these two first met. You see, they have someone else in common, a mutual friend if you will: Scooter Braun. The infamous Scooter is currently Ariana's manager, and when Mikey's band moved out to L.A. to try and make Social House explode in the pop scene, they inked a deal with Scooter.

It's not confirmed, but it makes sense that Scooter would want to keep two of his prized talents as close as possible. Whether or not he thought they'd get close to each other remains to be seen. 

They publicly gushed about each other.

While they are taking things slowly and seeing how the relationship develops, they also aren't going out of their way to keep their feelings for each other or their burgeoning state of couplehood under wraps. They've been photographed together several times, then there's the whole, you know, making out with each other in the video thing, and then there are all the public declarations of affection on social media.

In June 2019 when Ariana celebrated her birthday, Mikey wrote: “Ur one of the most incredible people the universe has to offer. I hope this year offers u nothing but the joy u deserve. Love u. happy birthday.”

Foster and Grande broke up in early 2020.

While the two never officially confirmed a romantic relationship, in March 2020 US Weekly reported that the "couple" had broken up.

Grande is now dating Dalton Gomez, while Foster's relationship status is currently unknown.

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