What The Mars-Uranus Trine Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until August 2021, According To Astrology

Sometimes change is exactly what we need.

How The Mars Uranus Trine Will Help Us Take The Path We Need To getty

Life takes another unexpected turn for our zodiac signs as we welcome the transit of Mars trine Uranus, with Mars in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, on February 21st.

Mars is the planet that rules the masculine, but also our sense of motivation and ambition, while Uranus is known as the planet of shock and awe, which means, together, we’re going to be running for the door, especially if it seems it leads to freedom. 


A trine in astrology is when two planets are within 120 degrees apart from one another, which creates a harmonious "let’s get along" kind of attitude. Especially for this transit, this will be extremely helpful for our love horoscopes and the future of our relationships.

Usually, Mars and Uranus trine each other once a year as a potent reminder that change should never be feared — and that’s true for this time as well. 

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The last one we experienced was in August 2019 and we won’t experience another until August 2021, which means that while a series of events gets set into motion, it’s up to us to keep it going.

How many of the difficulties we experience in life are because we’re resisting a type of change? As humans, most of us gain comfort and stability from the external validation of having things be the same. This is where the idea of our comfort zone comes into play.

We unconsciously create and maintain these comfort zones even if we don’t feel nurtured, cared for or respected within them; rather, it's because they are the known. This is often the true plight of the human experience: rather than risk the unknown, instead we’d sit with what we know, even if it’s miserable (at times), and even if it doesn’t truly align with us or set our soul on fire.

The thing that’s interesting is that we only assume out of fear that the unknown could be worse than our comfort zone, in part to give us enough reason to stay, yet all the while trapping us within these cages we say we want out of even though we’re the one holding the keys.


All of us clinked glasses and shouted, “Happy New Year!” just a few short weeks ago, but what really determines a new year is that choice to do things differently. And maybe we’ve been contemplating it, but with this transit we’re going to get that final push in the direction we knew we needed to take all along.

Mars is currently moving through Capricorn while Uranus is in Taurus, which is an interesting dynamic and energy. While Mars wants to rush ahead into change fueled by Uranus, both are in very grounded, logical earth signs.

This means that maybe we’re going to suddenly serve our spouse divorce papers, say yes to a proposal, or buy that plane ticket — but it’s not impulsive. Often, we only look at the situation that’s occurring instead of the days, months and years that went into arriving at that moment.

We’ve been working towards this moment for a decade. We’ve been relearning, undoing and excavating the deepest parts of ourselves, our thoughts, wounds, desires and lessons, so as we head into the middle of February, it’s time to believe in the growth we’ve made so we can strike out on our own.

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Around this time, because of the other astrology like the full moon in Leo and the Jupiter-Neptune sextile, we’re going to feel more confident, healed, and in love with our lives, which means we’re going to be in the place to believe in the possibility of creating the life we love.

Since the middle of January, we’ve been feeling anxious about starting something, even if we weren't sure what it was. We were aware that there was a newness on the horizon, but we weren’t positive about the specifics: the how’s, the when’s, the if’s, so we waited with bated breath.

But as we move through February, we begin to realize that nothing happens overnight, nothing is set in stone, and we are all evolving and changing on a daily basis, so there’s nothing we really need to wait for once we remove that veil of doubt and fear.

Mars is ready to rush in. In Capricorn, this planet knows what he wants, what he should do, and he can see the path so clearly it feels like there’s nothing holding him back, which means we’re going to feel that same exuberant, spirited energy.


This isn’t just confidence, but trust; this is knowing that maybe we weren’t who we wanted to be ten years ago or even last year, but it’s acknowledging the growth and that change is possible... so long as we want it and aren’t afraid to work for it.

In Taurus, Uranus is completely different energy. Uranus is not only grounded, but he’s also concerned about making changes for the better.

Instead of burning bridges like he did in Aries, Uranus is now about growing, planting and tending carefully to what makes us feel good. Perhaps as we near this transit, we must ask ourselves that question: What brings us joy? What makes us feel good? Who makes us feel fulfilled? And no longer should we talk ourselves out of the answer, but embrace the truth knowing that is where our true power lays.

There is no doubt that 2020 will be a game-changing year, but a big part of that is realizing that we must create that change. Life doesn’t just happen to work out to be everything we’ve ever wanted, but instead we must work on ourselves and make the choices that align with who we are and our deepest desires.


Change never has to be feared, because whether we thought we wanted it or not, it’s exactly what we need to enjoy life just a little bit more deeply.

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