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What The Venus-Saturn Sextile Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until December 2020

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What Challenges The Venus Saturn Sextile Will Bring Up This Week For All Signs

If it seems that it’s all about love and relationships right now, that’s because it is. While February is often a lovey dovey month thanks to Valentine’s Day, this year there is a theme of change associated with our love horoscopes and romantic lives, thanks to several influences — including Venus, the Mercury Retrograde, and transits involving Uranus, Pluto and Saturn.

And this transit is no exception because as Venus in Pisces sextiles Saturn in Capricorn on February 3rd, we’re going to be given a clearer lens to see what we need in a romantic relationship. And as the month and year progresses, we can begin to make the necessary changes.

Venus is the planet of love, and in Pisces she couldn’t be happier because love becomes an epic story under the influence of this zodiac sign.

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Love returns to the days of romance, soulmates and fate with the Venus-Saturn sextile. It’s a delicious turnaround from the practical nature where we deceive ourselves about love. Venus is strong in Pisces, which means if we’re single or with someone we are fulfilled by, we’re more likely to be driven to pursue connection elsewhere. While in some cases this could lead to affairs, it’s not as much about the physical passion, but the emotional and mental connection we feel.

Normally when Venus isn’t in Pisces and we’re not walking through a Mercury retrograde with our heart on our sleeve, it’s easier to talk ourselves out of needing that cosmic connection with a lover. We focus on our similarities, on raising a family together, or the lives we’ve already signed up for.

But Venus in Pisces makes all that impossible because we’re craving the type of connection in which we feel truly seen and heard; the one that makes you believe there’s a bigger purpose in life than we are aware of.

This is our mindset and even heart set leading into this transit. Knowing this is crucial for understanding why it will affect us as deeply as it does.

In astrology, a sextile is when two planets are within 60 degrees of one another, creating a positive and beneficial aspect. The last time these two crossed paths was back in October 2019, and we won’t experience another until December of 2020.

While they may not directly be related often, we can see similar themes arise around transit dates like these. It’s helpful to reflect on the end of October last year and think about what was going on around that time.

Even if it wasn’t something that was physically happening, it can still affect our journey at this point, especially if it involved our thoughts, feelings and even intentions. A sextile also carries within it an aspect of karma, meaning we see the fruition or result of previous actions that we have or haven’t taken.

While Venus is in her love daze wanting pure connection, Saturn is in Capricorn, grounding her and asking her to not forget to take her head with her.

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Saturn is the planet that rules our boundaries and patience with life, and as the lord of time and karma he often has his own agenda for when something happens (or doesn’t) in life. He has his own timing, and while we may become frustrated, it’s also always for a purpose, even if we can’t see that at the time.

Also dubbed the father of the zodiac, Saturn asks us to trust him, to put our faith in him and his timing, while reminding us of the karmic principles of life. We must put in what we hope to receive, and that timing isn’t just everything, but balance too.

When we see Venus and Saturn come together in a sextile like this, we become more aware of the meaning of relationships. We look at how something feels, and we also feel more drawn to do what we need in order to share in that companionship and connection with another.

In many ways, these two team up to help us show just how far we will go, and how many boundaries we will cross in order to come together with the one we feel that intimate connection with.

Venus and Saturn are likely to show us the consequences, in a very positive way, of what happens when we trust, when we love, and when we allow instead of force or push. For us, it’s really the best of both worlds because we’re being asked to follow our hearts, but our brain is on the same page.

Whatever we feel drawn to do or participate in around this time, it's likely something we’ve thought about for some time. We may have even been working towards it, even when it seemed the furthest thing from our focus.

This is where that reflection comes into play. Think back to what was occurring at the end of October last year, and it can help you make sense of the direction you’re likely to take now.

We can choose to be in relationships that are convenient, that make sense and even make others happy, but it doesn’t mean that is where we are meant to be. And it doesn’t mean that just because we decide on something that it’s permanent.

Sometimes those boundaries are meant to be broken, and Venus sextile Saturn shows exactly what lines must be crossed so we can walk right into love.

A big part of our love journey involves us discovering what we don’t want, but to do that we have to learn what we need. Venus and Saturn help us get very clear about that by having us focus more on the connection we feel with another person and realizing that people aren’t interchangeable, because we all occupy and create different types of space within love.

So, we move through the process of loving and learning with the lord of time and karma by our side, until we’re in the place to do something about it and realize that maybe what we need isn’t what we wanted after all.

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