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How The Venus-Pluto Sextile Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Until December 2020

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What the Venus Pluto Sextile Means for Us This Month

Sometimes we talk ourselves out of the kind of love we see play out on the silver screen. But on February 2nd, with Venus sextile Pluto (Venus in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn), we will experience our feelings deepen to the point where we wonder why we ever doubted true love exists.

In astrology, a sextile is when two planets are within 60 degrees of one another, which creates a beneficial and harmonious aspect that affects our life path. The last time that we saw a sextile between the planet of love and the lord of the underworld was October of 2019, and the next time we will see it is December of 2020.

Usually occurring approximately twice a year, this is an astrology transit that really takes a heavy hit at our love horoscopes, relationships, and the zodiac sign's personal lives.

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Venus is the planet of love, and the ruler of physical pleasure and wealth. Venus wants to make us feel good, wants us to see the best that love has to offer, and to just be happy. Depending upon the sign she is in, we look at love differently and also pursue different aspects of it.

In Pisces, Venus is exalted, which means she’s in one of the best placements she can be. This is because Pisces loves love just as much as Venus does.

Normally, Venus can fluctuate between being a proponent of romantic love and the kind of love we chose to be in for convenience. But because Pisces is the most romantic sign of the zodiac, when Venus moves though her, we tend to feel love more deeply, because this is the sign that knows how to inherently love unconditionally. This water sign tends to be intense all the time, seeing a different part of life than most and believing that there’s a strong spiritual connection to all relationships we experience.

Venus in Pisces is only part of why we’re going to be feeling greater intensity at this time — the other component is Pluto.

Pluto is known as the lord of the underworld, this dark and mysterious planet that can’t help but bring up secrets we no longer want to keep, and truths that can no longer be hidden. This planet is one of those we often don’t welcome in transits because he upsets how we think life will go.

Pluto is the planet that brings up what we don’t want to deal with and things we see as an inconvenience when it’s always for our benefit, even if doesn’t seem that way.

The real magic of Venus sextile Pluto occurs when these two planets team up to make big changes in our romantic lives.

There are two ways this transit will affect us. The first is that it’s going to bring up what we have repressed, either by making us aware of feelings we have tried to deny or secrets we’ve tried to bury. The second is that these two planets are going to make any feelings we have — love, passion, desire, longing — even more strong to the point that we have difficulty thinking of anything else, and possibly even feeling obsessed until we feel we’ve quenched whatever our need is.

Love and relationships are so connected to every other facet of our lives that we sometimes forget what a strong influence it has on us and our overall satisfaction with our lives. How we feel about someone and who we choose to be with is one of the biggest determinations for the kind of life we lead.

This is because different people will unlock different versions of us, and just as there is no love that is truly felt the same. There also is no relationship that is as well.

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Usually, we have difficulty with what we’ve never experienced before, which includes an intense love relationship. In this type of connection ,Venus and Pluto are going to deepen and increase any feelings we are already experiencing within a relationship, to the point that we may not know what to do with it.

For those that are in a connection or relationship, and the feelings start to feel more intense, more fated or even spiritually meaningful, and you’re struggling with it, the best thing to do is to take a step back and look at why you may be triggered.

When we feel these deep romantic feelings, it triggers our wounds around rejection, abandonment, acceptance and even independence. What we must understand is that Pluto brings up what we must deal with, and looking at these types of triggers allows us to process and heal them.

While this is not done instantaneously, it can begin so that instead of pushing away these feelings that arise, we can make space to welcome them in, to sit with them, and give ourselves the time to enjoy them.

Sextiles tend to bring about karma that we’ve previously invested in, whether through our choices or actions. So, while one group of us may be moving through the processing of triggers and acceptance of this intense and deep love, the other group will be asked to focus only on the truth.

When we think of Pluto as the lord of the underworld bringing to light what was previously hidden, we’re really being asked to consider the truth.

For all of us, we have a truth about where our hearts truly lay, about what love means to us, and about our true intentions and desires. Pluto and Venus aren’t just going to intensify that, but also bring them to light, so if some of this truth means that we’ve been hiding something from someone — whether the true feelings we have for them or someone other than our partner — this is the time when it’s likely going to come out.

While we can’t always control whether the truth comes out or not, we can change our response to it. This is the time to let go of secrets or being ashamed or discouraged, and instead trust that if the truth is coming out, whether to you or someone else, it’s for a reason.

Other themes we may experience around this time are a new romantic relationship greatly changing your life, a deeper sense of spirituality in terms of love, and a more intense attitude around physical passion. We may also find that privacy is of a concern; while not just relating to the exposing of secrets, it’s also about wanting to keep any possible new relationships out of the public eye too.

We are entering a very intense time for love and relationships, and with Mercury’s pre-shadow phase beginning, it’s likely we’re going to be asked to deal with an aspect from our pasts. It seems that we all go through a phase of talking ourselves out of believing in this mystical, amazing, profound love because of heartbreaks we’ve previously experienced.

But, occasionally, like with this transit, the stars truly align to show us exactly what’s possible if only we believe.

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