How The Year Of The Rat & Astrology Of The Chinese New Year Will Affect Your Relationships Throughout 2020

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How The Year Of The Rat And Astrology Of The Chinese New Year Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign's Love Horoscope And Relationships In 2020
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On January 25th, we celebrate the Chinese New Year and will be influenced by the astrology happening, as well as beginning a brand new cycle within our lives, love horoscopes, and relationships.

Almost every culture has their own way of marking time, and for many, we celebrate the Georgian calendar with New Year's Day on January 1st; others celebrate the beginning of Aries season at the end of March as the New Year because it begins a brand new astrological year. Other cultures, those that have been around long before numeric calendars, celebrate with animals. The Mayans celebrate their New Year in the middle of February around the 20th.

And 2020 will be the year of the Rabbit in the Chinese lunar calendar.

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What we celebrate is merely a choice of what we want to believe in. Traditionally, the Chinese New Year was tied to the lunar calendar. It was also a time to honor ancestors, deities and gather together to celebrate life. Since that time, many who are not Chinese have chosen to celebrate this New Year as another beginning in their own lives.

Like the astrological calendar, the Chinese New Year is broken down into twelve categories, specifically animals that all carry a different meaning, life path and purpose.

There are two important Chinese New Year symbols to consider. First, the one you were born under and the one we’re currently in. For example, I am a Dog, but this year is the year of the Rat, so to look at what my year would be like, I have to see how these two mesh together.

Legend has it that the Jade Emperor who decided the zodiac order for all the animals declared it a contest, and whoever was to arrive first at his party would be the first zodiac animal. It’s also said that Rat tricked Ox by riding to the party on his back, and at the last minute jumped down and raced ahead to be first.

In the Chinese zodiac, Rat is cunning but also a creative adventurer. It's our perspective of which depends on our role within Rat’s plans.

Rat did arrive at the party first and is the first animal of the Chinese zodiac. Rat is all about new beginnings, and while each year has an elemental feel to it, Rat does represent the earthly element of water as he runs about all day.

For us, this energy of new beginnings is exemplified in all cultures. We are beginning a new decade numerically, we are in a brand new astrological cycle thanks to the recent eclipses, and now we are beginning a new chapter (or day, as it’s traditionally considered) in the Chinese New Year.

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Astrology-wise, we just experienced the new moon in Aquarius, which has some of that similar independent rebellious energy that the Rat will be bringing into our lives over the course of the next year. The Rat is also associated with Yang energy, so while it’s flexible, it’s also determined.

One important thing to note is that we are seeing a great deal of grounding energy associated with 2020, and it’s just barely begun. Besides seeing the most powerful stellium in Capricorn since the nineties, we’re also seeing that earth energy reflected in the Rat. But because of the Yang energy, it has a similar feel to Capricorn of being steadfast and also determined.

While the Rat possesses the earthly element of water, he's also a very grounded being, which is why one of his best matches is the Ox, an animal whose element is earth.

Rat years are those which are fruitful and can even bring greater financial abundance to our lives. While Rats can often achieve whatever it is they wish to, they do prefer to live quiet, simple lives and can even enjoy solitude as well. This means that while we may be feeling more confident and successful, we’re not going to be looking for anyone to fill a void because we will feel full all on our own.

The one thing we do have to be wary of in the year of the Rat is that our words may not reflect how we truly feel. Because Rats often race around, individuals born under this sign can often seem rude or inattentive around others, which means we may all fall prey to this energy if we’re not being mindful of the moment we’re in.

Many negative aspects of both the Chinese New Year and astrology can be overcome if we were to all slow down a bit and really stay in the moment. This eliminates us saying something we don’t mean or neglecting to speak our truth when we feel it. If we all operated a bit more on the idea that this moment is truly all we have, we may make more of it.  

Rats are adept at going over fine details, but can lack confidence within themselves, especially in group settings; however, there is a secretive nature that often can make up for the way this animal exhibits in public. This is a great tool to use, as we’re in this new phase of our lives where we’re having to go over things closely, making sure we’re not forgetting or overlooking anything so we can take our time in creating this beginning.

The Chinese New Year of The Rat, the new moon in Aquarius, and even the Mercury-Mars sextile are encouraging us to blaze that new path  and to speak our truth — but only to those that need to know it.

This is the secretive nature of Rat. Often, we don’t realize that not everyone who says they’re on our team, is, and we also don’t need to hear the opinions of others about the choices we plan to make for our lives.

Overall, this is a time for new beginnings, making plans and moving ahead, knowing this is an entirely new chapter that will require an entirely new us.

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