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'90 Day Fiancé: Just Landed' Spoilers: Are Cole And Maria Still Together?

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'90 Day Fiancé: Just Landed' Spoilers: Are Cole And Maria Still Together?

TLC has added a new edition to the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. This week, the cable network released five mini-episodes of a new series called 90 Day Fiancé: Just Landed on their streaming platforms.

The show follows couples in the 24 hours after the foreign fiancé gets to the US to begin the 90-day countdown to getting married. The episodes are each about 15 minutes long so it's a perfect show to binge in one sitting. Even better, in the final mini-episode, audiences get a quick "where are they now" update so they can find out what happened to the couples without having to wait for a special finale or tell-all later on.

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One of the couples on the new series is Cole and Maria. Cole is a chef from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Maria is an aspiring industrial engineer from Bogota, Colombia. The two have a lot of things to work out in their relationship, including her adjustment from moving from a big city to a much quieter town in the US midwest.

There's also the question of how their relationship even began: Cole was engaged to another woman when they met!

Are Cole and Maria from 90 Day Fiancé: Just Landed still together? We have all the spoilers about this couple. 

1. Who is Cole?

Cole is a chef and, in the opening episode, he says that he is living at home with his parents Green Bay. He also explained he had been in a prior relationship with a woman to whom he had been engaged. That relationship lasted 9 years.

Considering that Cole is only 28 at the time of filming, that probably means he and his ex started dating as teenagers. He explained that they had been growing apart but neither of them wanted to end the relationship after putting so much time into it. 

2. Who is Maria?

Maria, who is 24, is an industrial engineering student from Bogota, Colombia. She had been visiting the US on a tourist visa and was in South Carolina at the time they met. Cole was there working in a restaurant and spotted her. He introduced himself right away but didn't bother to mention that he had a fiancé already.

Maria told the cameras that she had no inkling that he was with someone else. Cole treated her like a girlfriend, flirting with her, being protective of her, and going home with her most nights. 

3. He finally left his ex for Maria.

Once Maria found out about Cole's ex, she was done. She broke up with him and returned to Bogota, though neither of them elaborated on whether that was because she wanted to get away from Cole or simply because her tourist visa had expired.

Cole was ready to let her go and commit to his fiancé, but it only took a few days of separation for him to realize that wasn't really what he wanted. he split up with his ex and made the journey to Bogota to make it right with Maria. 

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4. Green Bay is much smaller than Bogota — and that's hard for Maria.

While Maria was certainly unhesitant to come to start a life with Cole, she was also pretty realistic about what she was leaving behind. In clips of her in Colombia, she talks about leaving her family, her culture, and Colombian food.

But what surprised her when she landed in Wisconsin was how much less cosmopolitan is was than her hometown. She got to the Green Bay airport and was surprised to see how small it was, and immediately started teasing Cole about it, saying she was expecting a city, not just a town.

The drive to his house didn't do anything to change her impression; there was a lot of rural parts of their drive and she noted the lack of big buildings. Even the downtown area of Green Bay disappointed her, and she and Cole both realized she would be having to adjust to a very different way of life than she was used to in Colombia's capital city. 

Maria isn't the first Colombian immigrant in 90 Day Fiancé history to find the midwest dull. In one of the earliest seasons of the show, Paola moved to Oklahoma to marry Russ and eventually convinced him to move to Miami, a city more in line with her tastes. 

5. Once a cheater always a cheater?

One of the questions any couple has to deal with is faithfulness — and that's an even bigger issue when a relationship started because one person was cheating on another.

Cole's best friend Cassie was blunt about that with Maria when they first met. The final episode shows how Cole had pulled together a Halloween party so Maria could meet his friends. Cassie seemed tipsy at the time so she may have been using liquid courage to ask Maria some hard questions. The scene was reminiscent of an earlier season of the show where Ashely Marston's friend Natalie cornered Ashley's Jamaican fiancé Jay at a party to ask him about cheating rumors. 

Cassie flat-out asked if Maria was okay knowing that she only became Cole's fiancé because he was cheating on a past fiancé. Short answer: no. The fact that Cole cheated on another woman is something that still worries Maria, but Cole said he was working to make sure she could trust him.

The conversation made it sound like this was an issue the pair had been dealing with together and they were doing their best to stay open about it moving forward.  

6. Are Cole and Maria from 90 Day Fiancé: Just Landed still together?

Did they get married? The most we can say here is probably. TLC checked in with them 30 days later and they were definitely together and happy. In the final episode, they said they were planning a small, simple courthouse wedding, but they didn't mention a particular date for the nuptials.

Since they were filming around Halloween, we can guess that they are still within the 90-day window now but they will need to tie the knot before too much longer. 

You can watch the entire season on TLC's streaming platforms. 

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