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'90 Day Fiancé: Just Landed' Spoilers: Are Kendahl And Hedi Still Together?

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'90 Day Fiancé: Just Landed' Spoilers: Are Kendahl And Hedi Still Together?

90-Day Fiancé: Just Landed spoilers! TLC has managed to create yet another iteration of its popular 90 Day Fiancé franchise. This week, they dropped five episodes of a new series called 90 Day Fiancé: Just Landed on their streaming platforms.

The series follows three couples during the first 24 hours after the foreign fiancé arrives in the USA to begin the 90-day countdown until they must get married. Each episode is only about 15 minutes long, so it's an easy binge-watch and it provides the instant will-they-won't-they gratification that the longer episodes lack.

In the final mini-episode, audiences get a quick "where are they now" update so they can find out what happened to the couples without having to wait for a special finale or tell-all later on.

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One of the couples featured is Kendahl and Hedi. Kendahl hails from Boca Raton, Florida, and tells the cameras that she had been very focused on her career for several years and hadn't dated much in that time. She met Hedi, who's from Tunisia, on Instagram, and the two struck up a romance via text and video chat.

After a couple of months, she traveled to his country where they fell immediately in love and he proposed to her. Now he's headed to America, but all is not perfect for them. Her family has significant reservations about Hedi's intentions. 

Are Kendahl and Hedi from90-Day Fiancé: Just Landed still together? Read on for big spoilers about this couple. 

1. How did Kendahl and Hedi meet?

As Kendahl tells it on the show, Hedi followed her on Instagram. She went to his profile, featuring very pictures of the very fit Tunisian, and was persuaded to follow him back. Moments later, however, he unfollowed her.

Kendahl took offense to that and DMed him to tell him that she thought it was rude. Then she switched from English to Arabic and told him he was a jerk. That got his attention and he not only followed her back, but they started talking regularly online. After meeting in person in Tunisia, they decided to get engaged and pursue the K1 visa process

2. Kendahl gets major push-back from her family.

Kendahl appears to be very successful. She says she works in finance and admits she's the much-loved only child of her parents. However, they don't love her plans to marry a foreign man. When they found out that she was engaged, they immediately began to suspect that Hedi's motive was to get a greencard and get his hands on Kendahl's money.

No one explains why Kendahl's parents assume that a man can't just love her without an ulterior motive. Kendahl is smart, funny, and lovely. You would think her family would expect men to like her instead of thinking they just want to use her.

Much to Kendahl's dismay, her father won't even talk to her anymore. Her relationship with her mother is better but still very strained. On the show, Kendahl expresses concern her mother won't even show up at the welcome party her friend is throwing for Hedi.

3. How does Hedi plan to support himself in America?

Hedi doesn't share with TLC cameras exactly what Hedi does in Tunisia, but he's very fit and has some ideas about a future career in the US. If you're thinking he wants to be a personal trainer, like other 90 Day Fiancé cast members like Aladdin and Azan, you're close, but that's not his big idea.

Instead, Hedi hopes to pursue professional boxing. The day he landed in Florida, Kendahl even took him directly to a boxing gym to work out. He was tired from all the travel but game to get in the ring.

Once he was there, he shared his dream of becoming rich and famous as a boxer right before telling the trainer there that he had never boxed before. The trainer was encouraging but realistic, warning the couple that his early professional fights could only earn him a few hundred dollars at a time. 

4. Can they really make this relationship work?

In a later conversation, Hedi assured Kendahl that boxing wasn't his only plan. He said he was used to doing whatever kind of work he could get in Tunisia and was ready to do the same in America. He was also sympathetic to her frustration that her family was so unsupportive about their upcoming marriage.

He told her he hoped to be able to prove himself to her parents once they finally agreed to meet him. He seemed genuinely prepared to roll up his sleeves and do what it takes to make a life together. 

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5. Did the couple eventually get Kendahl's parents on board?

The big question for this couple is how they'll manage family relationships. Kendahl has pinned her hopes for reconciliation on a welcome party she and a family friend are planning for Hedi. She says she knows her father won't attend but her mother is planning to come — she hopes. 

Kendahl is cautiously optimistic that meeting Hedi in person will allay some of her mother's fears. Hedi, for his part, is willing to do what he can to assure his fiancé's family that he loves her and wants to marry her for the right reason.

Unfortunately, at the very last minute, Kendahl's mother was unable to come, allegedly due to a tropical storm affecting driving conditions. While that was a disappointment for the pair, everyone else at the party was charmed by Hedi, and they finished the evening feeling happy and hopeful. 

Photos from Hedi's welcome party.

6. Are Kendahl and Hedi from 90-Day Fiance: Just Landed still together? 

The answer to this question is yes. After filming their first 24 hours, TLC flashed forward two weeks to show that the couple tied the knot in a courthouse ceremony shortly after Hedi arrived.

The news wasn't all good, however. Kendahl still hadn't made up with her parents and they didn't attend the wedding. She isn't speaking to either of them at the moment and says she is trying not to let their feelings ruin her happiness at being a newlywed. 

You can watch all the episodes of Just Landed on TLC's app or online

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