25 Timothée Chalamet Quotes About Life And Heartbreak That Will Make You Fall In Love With Him (Even More)

His words will make you swoon.

Best Timothee Chalamet Quotes About Life, Love And Heartbreak

Who doesn’t have a crush on Timothée Chalamet? He’s definitely one of the biggest heartthrobs to bless our screens in the recent years.

Timothée Chalamet is an actor that came on the scene in the television show Homeland in 2012. Two years later, he booked his first film role in the movie Men, Women & Children. That same year, he was in the popular science-fiction movie Interstellar playing Matthew McConaughey’s son.


Chalamet had small roles in these projects but finally got his big break in 2017 where he played the lead in the romantic film Call Me By Your Name, directed by Luca Guadagnino. His performance earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor, making him the third-youngest nominee for that award. Also in 2017, he played the bad boy love interest to Saoirse Ronan in Greta Gerwig’s film Lady Bird.

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In 2018, Chalamet took on the role of a meth-addicted teen in the film Beautiful Boy. The film is based on a true story taken from two memoirs, one written by the father, David Sheff, and another written by the son himself, Nic Sheff. In the film, Steve Carell plays the role of Nic’s father, David. To look the part, Chalamet admitted to losing 18 pounds to portray the drug addicted teenager. He also received a BAFTA nomination for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his performance.

In 2019, Timothée took on the meaty role of King Henry V in the film The King. Most recently, he has appeared in Greta Gerwig’s newest film, Little Women, playing the role of Laurie. Little Women also stars Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Laura Dern, and Meryl Streep.

Timothée Chalamet has gained a lot of popularity and admiration for these roles and he is sure to have a great career ahead of him. However, most people don’t know that he has also done some stage acting before his career took off.

I, being a fan of theater, distinctly remember going to see a play called Prodigal Son way back in 2016, starring John Patrick Shanley and a 21 year old Timothée Chalamet. It was an off-Broadway play in a small theater and when I saw it, and I was so blown away by Chalamet's performance that I left the play thinking “this kid is going places.” I even followed him on Twitter that night, noticing that he had around 3,000 followers at the time — now he has over 500k. I still have the playbill to the show and the memory of it being one of the best performances I have ever seen. He was nominated for a Drama League Award and won a Lucille Lortel Award for his performance.


If you love Timothée Chalamet as much as we do, enjoy these inspirational and humorous quotes about life and love from our favorite lanky heartthrob.

1. Timothée knows heartbreak.

Best Timothee Chalamet Quotes About Life, Love And Heartbreak

"I have this sense of independent heartbreak, of annulling romances before they get their feet off the ground." — Timothée Chalamet


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2. He's thankful for the big apple.

"I wouldn't be the actor I am without New York." —​ Timothée Chalamet​

3. He wants to have deeper conversations.

"I've been very encouraged by the nature of the conversations that I've had and by the lack of questions that are tunnel-visioned in their understanding of sexuality and life and love." —​ Timothée Chalamet​

4. Don't feel like it's you against the world.

"I naturally have a me-against-the-world mentality, and I've been fighting it since I was 13. It's felt like it's only gotten me in lonely, angry places." — Timothée Chalamet​


5. Be happy.

Best Timothee Chalamet Quotes About Life, Love And Heartbreak

"We're only here for so long. Be happy, man. You could get hit by a truck tomorrow." —​ Timothée Chalamet​

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6. Human connection is non-verbal.

"Ninety-eight per cent of all human communication is non-verbal." — Timothée Chalamet​ ​


7. Aim for truthful spontaneity.

"I don't like to know exactly what I'm going to do in a scene, because the most interesting moments as an audience member are moments of truthful spontaneity." — Timothée Chalamet​

8. Being in front of people is fun.

"I don't think enough people admit that there's just something fun about being in front of people. And that's not a self-centered, egotistical thing." — Timothée Chalamet​

9. New York feels full of camaraderie.

"These are such First World problems, but there's a certain claustrophobia to New York. You don't escape in the East Village, but it at least feels full of camaraderie and youth." — Timothée Chalamet​

10. Call me by your name.

Best Timothee Chalamet Quotes About Life, Love And Heartbreak


"Call me by your name and I'll call you with mine." — Timothée Chalamet​ in Call Me By Your Name

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11. See what happens naturally.

"I do find that there's a fine balance between preparation and seeing what happens naturally." —​ Timothée Chalamet​​

12. People who read are secretive.

"I think people who read are kind of secretive. They hide who they really are." — Timothée Chalamet​ in Call Me By Your Name​

13. Love unabashedly.

“The first lesson about love would be, when you love, love wholly, love unabashedly; give yourself.” —​ Timothée Chalamet​​


14. Pain is enough.

"Pain is enough, you don't have to beat yourself up because of pain. That's a whole other layer that you don't need." —​ ​Timothée Chalamet​​

15. Speak your love.

Best Timothee Chalamet Quotes About Life, Love And Heartbreak

"Is it better to speak or to die?" —​ Timothée Chalamet​ in Call Me By Your Name​ ​

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16. Timothée is over the peach jokes.

"Please no peach jokes." —​ Timothée Chalamet​

17. Separate the personal and professional.

"I am still trying to separate my personal and my professional life. My old drama teacher gave me that advice. He told me to protect my emotions and to keep my private life private as much as I can." —​ ​Timothée Chalamet​

18. The real pronunciation of his name.

“My whole life I was Timmy and then as I got older, it seemed like Timmy was youthing me out, so it’s been Timothée since. I tried Timo and Tim, too. The real pronunciation is Timo-tay, but I can’t ask people to call me that; it just seems really pretentious.” — Timothée Chalamet​

19. He went to a performing arts high school.

“I went to LaGuardia, a performing arts high school. Without being 'that guy that enjoyed high school too much,' a trope I don’t want to fall into, it was a really amazing place to go to school. I got to work creatively— I’m an over-exuberant guy and I can go a mile a minute, so having a place to channel that energy was really great.” — Timothée Chalamet​


20. His opinion on method acting.

Best Timothee Chalamet Quotes About Life, Love And Heartbreak

"The danger is you can end up focusing more on what’s going on off-camera than on-camera. You don’t want to be entertaining for the sake of being entertaining. The work should be the work. If it resonates, it’s going to resonate, and then people are naturally curious about how you got to that destination. It can’t be about how you’re getting to it.” — Timothée Chalamet​


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21. Be bad and get over it.

"I had this feeling I couldn’t not act and yet to get there I really needed teachers, and one teacher in particular, to make me comfortable with failing. To be bad and get over it—that opened the floodgates." —​ ​Timothée Chalamet​

22. He wants to pursue other things in his career, too.

"I’m also really passionate about music. I want to pursue other things creatively, not so much music, but definitely writing and directing. I’m going to be very, very patient about that. The dream as an actor is to be economically self-sustainable and what this year has been is beyond that now. I’m getting a creative license of sorts.” — Timothée Chalamet

23. Timothée loves being an actor.

"If you hadn't become an actor, what would you have done?" — Interviewer


“Nothing. Unemployment.” — Timothée Chalamet

24. Self-assumption is poison.

“I think poison for young people publicly, in social settings or in life in general, is self-assumption, and I think that’s what makes me nervous on talk shows.” — Timothée Chalamet

25. He knows where he is.

Best Timothee Chalamet Quotes About Life, Love And Heartbreak

“I don’t know what chapter I’m on. I only know where I am.” — Timothée Chalamet


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