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Are Elizabeth And Andrei Still Together? New Details On The '90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After' Couple And Where They Are Now

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Are Elizabeth And Andrei Still Together? New Details On The '90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After' Couple And Where They Are Now

Fans of TLC’s 90 Dy Fiancé were captivated by the story of Elizabeth and Andrei, an American woman and her Moldovan fiancé. The pair met online shortly before Elizabeth had planned a trip to Ireland, where Andrei was living at the time. She had been looking for people to hang out with when she was abroad and they connected both in virtual space and in real life. Their relationship was long distance for some time before getting engaged and beginning the K1 visa process so Andrei could come to the United States.

But what should have been a fairly straightforward romance was complicated by Elizabeth's close-knit family and the tension their presence in Elizabeth’s life caused Andrei. Now the pair is married with a baby but the series 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Every After is revealing to audiences that her family is just as much a part of their marriage as ever.

Are Elizabeth and Andrei still together? Read on to find out.

1. Controlling

Elizabeth is from Florida and lives in the same area as her parents and her sisters, all of whom are older than she is. She’s extremely close to her family and is used to spending a lot of time with all of them and keeping them involved in her life. When she got involved with Andrei, she shared with them that his culture has more conservative views about marriage than American culture and that he was expecting to be the more authoritative figure in their relationship. Her sisters immediately balked at the idea of someone trying to control Elizabeth. But while Andrei did seem to want to keep tabs on his fianceé, the sisters weren't any better—they tried to exert their own influence on her. They stirred up drama by doing things like taking Elizabeth’s phone so she couldn’t contact Andrei during her bachelorette weekend and continually second-guessing Andrei's motives for marrying her.

Elizabeth and her sisters.

2. Finances

To make matters worse, Elizabeth’s income came from working for her father. He is a commercial property owner and he hired his youngest daughter to work as a property manager for his company. Once Andrei arrived, he wasn't allowed to work until he got his green card so Elizabeth’s income was supporting the couple. But the couple had a plan for him to start work when the time came; he was going to get certified as a commercial truck driver, a process that involved paying for trucking school before he could start earning money.


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Andrei won't work for Elizabeth's dad.

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3. Baby makes three

In 2018, fans learned that the pair were expecting their first child together. Elizabeth told the cameras that the baby wasn't entirely planned but they were excited to be growing their family, despite the fact that she was only working part-time and Andrei wasn't working at all. To help them out with getting ready for the baby, her father generously allowed them to move into a house he owned in exchange for fixing the property up a bit. Apparently, however, he found out that they weren’t doing the improvements he had hoped for and, in fact, weren’t even doing basic upkeep like mowing the lawn. He scolded Elizabeth about her failure to keep up her side of the bargain, reminding her that they were living rent-free thanks to him.


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Elizabeth's dad isn't happy with her and Andrei.

4. Money woes

Andrei didn’t take kindly to Elizabeth’s father’s criticism and suggested that they move out of the house and pay their own way someplace else. However, despite having his green card and having finished the trucking course, he wasn’t working as a trucker. He had been hoping to find work that kept him local but discovered that the main jobs available were long-haul gigs that might keep him away from home for almost a month at a time. As a father to be, he wasn’t comfortable with that idea and deiced to change course and look for work as a handyman instead. Meanwhile, they decided to move forward with moving out of the rent-free home. The only problem was money: the couple couldn’t afford rent or a deposit on an apartment. Elizabeth decided to fix the problem by going behind her husband’s back and asking her father for the money.


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Elizabeth asks her dad for money.

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5. More sister drama

Now settled into a new apartment that they can barely afford, Elizabeth headed out to spend some quality time with her sisters to vent about the struggles she and Adrei continue to face. Her sisters, not surprisingly, suggested her husband needed to aggressively seek gainful employment. While that is not a controversial statement given that Andrei is about to be a father to a newborn, Elizabeth took umbrage with her sisters' criticism of the husband she had been criticizing moments before and stormed out. Then she turned around and started complaining about her sisters to Andrei during the ride home. In response, Andrei stopped wanting to spend time with Elizabeth’s sisters.


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Elizabeth complained to her sisters about Andrei and to Andrei about her sisters.

6. Where are they now

For all the family conflict on screen, it seems like these two have little tension in the lives off camera. They welcomed their daughter earlier this year and their social media posts portray a happy family. Elizabeth has some partnerships with brands that she promotes and Anrdei mainly posts pictures of his wife and daughter.


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The couple and their baby daughter.

It’s not clear to audiences how much of the conflict with this couple is real and how much is staged for the cameras. Regardless of how much reality is in the reality tv, congrats to Elizabeth and Andrei on the birth of their first child.

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