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3 New Moon In Capricorn Rituals To Do December 26th And Start 2020 Like A Boss

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New Moon In Capricorn Rituals To Do On December 26th To Start 2020 Like A Boss

Whether you're into New Year's resolutions or not, no one can deny that knowing how to set goals and achieve them is a skill all high achievers possess. And the last new moon of 2019 is the perfect time to learn just that.

After all, it's a new moon in Capricorn — the zodiac sign that rules your career, how you achieve public recognition, and what success means to you. And there's no better time than now to set your intentions for 2020 and start achieving them come January 1st.

To help you harness this energy, here are 3 Capricorn new moon rituals you can do on December 26th.

Get ready to start the new year like a total boss, ready to achieve all your goals.

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1. Set your grand vision for 2020 and mini goals for the first quarter.

Let's face it. Writing pages upon pages of "New Year's resolutions" doesn't work. Why else would 90 percent of people give up on their resolutions by the second week of January?

But what does work is having a vision for the long-term and setting achievable goals for the short. That's why this ritual only focuses on creating goals for the first three months of 2020.

You will need blank sheets of paper (or a journal), alone time, and a smooth pen for this. And the ritual cannot be any simpler. Just write the top 2 or 3 things you wish to accomplish by 2020 or within the next 3 years. Be grand, but allow your heart to guide you in this so you don't end up giving up midway because deep inside you don't want to achieve whatever you set your sight on.

Once you have your vision written out in front of you, create two mini-goals that you wish to achieve by the end of March 2020 that will get you closer to your grand vision. For example, if your grand vision is to finish writing a book, set the goal to write at least 15 chapters by the end of March. And if your goal is to travel more, set the goal to travel to at least one place on your bucket list.

Here's a handy trick to calibrate your short-term goals so you don't end up biting off more than you can chew: Think of the least you can do on bad days. Because anyone can run three miles when they are all pumped up on January 1st, but it's a much better idea to run 1 mile a day if that's how much you can actually do on January 31st when you just don't feel like doing much.

Just remember: you need to motivate yourself to get these goals done by the deadline. Otherwise, there's no point in wasting two hours writing all these goals and setting those grand visions now. You might as well watch a movie and call it a day.

Also, make sure you create new mini-goals for yourself on the 1st of April, July, and October. After all, there are four quarters in a year.

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2. Assess the faith you have in yourself.

This is a sweet ritual meant to help you realize just how powerful you can be when you set your whole heart and mind to something. All you have to do is name three things that you wanted in 2019 and received in full.

It can be something as small as wanting a specific pair of shoes and now having them, or something as big as wanting to be in a relationship with your soulmate and being in one now.

The point of this ritual is to strengthen your faith in your ability to make your wishes come true, whether through hard work or simple strokes of luck. Because when you believe in yourself and the universe, life gets a whole lot easier.

3. Compare and contrast your life in 2018 vs. 2019.

This ritual is perfect for wrapping up 2019 gracefully. After all, regardless of how this year was for you, we are absolutely certain that the person you are now is vastly different from who you used to be in December 2018.

So get a few sheets of paper and a smooth pen, and then assign one bundle of sheets for your old self and one bundle for your current self. We don't recommend dividing a sheet in half for this exercise since one side might have more info than the other, and this will leave you with a bunch of sheets with huge blocks of wasted white space.

Now, start by thinking of the circumstances of your love life back in December 2018. Write down who you were dealing with, the predominant storyline of that time, and the problems you were facing. Then, do the same for your love life in December 2019.

Compare the two timelines and figure out how you have evolved and changed over the course of one year. Did you let go of bad dating habits and exes, or are you still the same? Have your expectations changed, or are they still the same? How are you different from the person you used to be in 2018?

Once you are done analyzing your love life, move onto your career. How was it in 2018 and how is it now? Then, your finances. Your relationship with your family. With friends. And all the other aspects of life that are important to you.

Don't hold back your emotions if they burst forth during this ritual. It's one thing to know you are different, and another to feel it with your whole heart and soul.

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Valeria Black is a freelance writer who reads Tarot cards in her free time.