Is 'Welcome To Plathville' Star Olivia Plath Separating From Ethan Plath?

There's drama in Plathville!

Who Is Olivia Plath? And Is The 'Welcome To Plathville' Outsider Separating From Ethan Plath? Instagram

Who is Olivia Plath? And is Olivia Plath separating from Ethan Plath? That's been the question on everybody's mind since Welcome To Plathville debuted on TLC, adding yet another "offbeat" family to the line-up of messy foreign fiancé relationships, morbidly obese people and the relationship they have with their bariatric doctor, families with multiple births, and ... a Long Island nail tech family? (Sure, why not?) Welcome to Plathville is becoming very popular, even though it's only a few episodes into its debut season. But now, Olivia Plath is making headlines because new spoilers suggest she may be separating from Ethan Plath! Is this really possible?


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To recap, Welcome to Plathville is a show that focuses on the Plath family, which is headed by Kim and Barry Plath, who live on a remote farm in Georgia. While much ado has been made about the family's "technology-free" lifestyle — and while much ado has also been made about the family's insistence on isolating their children from things in pop culture — it bears stating that the family does, in fact, have a YouTube channel that features their Von Trapp family-style way of Gospel singing, so perhaps they're not completely isolated from the world. 


Prior to Welcome to Plathville, the Plath family was also the subject of a brief documentary produced by Quiver Full Productions, too! 

But now, the Plath family may be involved in a bit of internal crisis, especially if the recent Welcome to Plathville spoilers are to be believed. Let's look at what we know about Olivia Plath and the rumors she may be separating from Ethan Plath. 

1. Olivia Plath and Kim Plath have "tension"

Kim Plath is controversial for a number of reasons, not the least of which being that she prefers to raise her children away from the "modern world's" temptation. The Plath family, of course, are devoted Christians (though it's unclear which denomination of Christianity, specifically, they follow). Kim's attitude, however, has caused her to butt heads with her daughter-in-law Olivia — because while Olivia, a photographer originally from Virginia, said that she grew up in a conservative home, it was nowhere near as conservative at the Plath family was and is. 

2. The Plath family has confronted Ethan and Olivia Plath in the past. 

In a previous episode of Welcome to Plathville, the Plath family has confronted Olivia Plath about her difference of opinion with the rest of the clan. (You can see the clip above.) To his credit, Ethan took up the torch for his wife, and told his family to mind the way they talk to Olivia.


3. Olivia Plath says Ethan Plath has wanted to get away from his family for a while

Olivia Plath has made some explosive claims about the Plath family and more specifically, she's made some explosive claims about her husband, Ethan. According to her, Ethan Plath has wanted to "get away" from his family for a long time, and when he married her, he took that first step in doing so. 

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4. The couple is very popular on social media

Unlike the other Plaths, Olivia Plath is very active on social media and frequently shares pictures of herself and her husband on the popular photo-sharing site, Instagram. The Welcome to Plathville stars have become popular on Instagram for that reason. 



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5. Separation is best?

In recent Welcome to Plathville spoilers it was revealed that Olivia Plath told her husband, Ethan, that she feels that "separation is best." She said that while she loved her husband, she couldn't take how his family talked to her, and if she didn't get away from the Plath family, there would be no hope for their marriage in the future. 


6. So: Is Olivia Plath separating from Ethan Plath?

Now, we all know that TLC likes to "tease" us with previews that are conveniently edited to make it seem like one thing is going to happen, but it turns out that another thing happens instead. So only time will tell if Olivia Plath will just be separating from the Plath family with Ethan ... or if she and Ethan will call it quits. 

Be sure to tune in to Welcome to Plathville to find out more!

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