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How The New Moon And Solar Eclipse In Capricorn Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Throughout 2020

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How The New Moon And Solar Eclipse In Capricorn Will Change Our Lives Forever

On December 26th, we begin to feel more hopeful, even if everything seems like it’s coming undone. That's because we will experience the Solar Eclipse and the new moon in Capricorn.

Recently, Jupiter moved into Capricorn, which is a very lucky transit, making way for a positive eclipse — and something about it feels very fortuitous. For our zodiac signs, it meant taking a chance in our relationships and love horoscopes, but having a safety net just in case.

To say that this is a rarity is an understatement; however, it’s also just setting the stage for a very active year eclipse-wise in 2020.

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This current eclipse harkens back to that of this summer in July. At that time, we were in a Mercury retrograde and there was a great deal of Cancer and Leo energy, which means for most issues of family, marriage, relationships and love, they are something we’ve spent the past six months focusing on.

However, we may not end up where we thought we would. In the beginning of December, Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions, finally turned direct after a good six months or so of being retrograde. When this planet is retrograde, it means we don’t see the possibility or hope, and while we can’t always war our rose-tinted glasses, we also need to understand that there is more to love than simply logic and good choices — there’s magic.

It’s likely that many of us have taken a bit of a pragmatic stance over the course of the past few months when it comes to our relationships and love lives. We’ve taken the road that looks smooth, full of obligation, and doing the right thing.

But as this eclipse and new moon occurs, we might just find ourselves shifting our entire way of thinking.

New moons represent new beginnings and having one occur so close to our new year is a wonderful way to ensure we’re leaving behind much of the foolishness of this past year. They are a time to plant our intentions, to make wishes, and to fully believe in the future being more beautiful than anything from the past.

In Capricorn, it’s all about trying again, keep working for what we want, and not shying away from what may be hard or challenging.

This is a new moon to buckle down and do what we believe can be different this time around. But what makes this special is that it’s also a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn as well.

Eclipse cycles are famous for bringing in some unexpected events or opportunities, a chance to do something different and to let our lives be led in a different direction. In many ways, these occurrences are a reset; they help us tune more closely into our soul’s truth and let go of anything that may be holding us back.

Eclipse cycles often occur within six-month cycles, traditionally at the beginning and middle of our calendar years. However, 2020 is a bit different with more eclipses than normal, meaning that for all of us, we’re being asked to ready ourselves for a year of change.

Solar eclipses represent external change while Lunar Eclipses represent internal. To begin on the 26th with a powerful Solar Eclipse in Capricorn means there will be events happening around us, either because of others or ourselves, that will bring about extreme and unexpected changes.

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This is very "in your face, can’t be missed" type of change, but it’s also not over. Eclipses open windows or gateways sometimes referred to as the rabbit hole, a classic metaphor from Alice in Wonderland in which she fell down that proverbial rabbit hole and then nothing was ever the same.

Whatever we want to call it, there is a time frame from December 26th, 2010 to January 11th, 2020 in which anything can happen. Anything is possible. The full moon on January 11th is in Cancer, which will highlight some of the major themes of love and family we’ve been asked to deal with, but it will be in an entirely new way.

As we often do as humans, we tend to act first and think later. This means it’s likely on or around the 26th, we will take a leap doing something or opening a door to a possibility that will initiate a shocking and surprising series of events.

These changes will peak on the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on January 11th with some big internal "ah-ha" moment or realization in which we’re being guided to not just follow a whim, but to let our desires begin to shape our reality.

Also providing a bit of magic and luck to these events is Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance and good fortune. In the beginning of December, we saw this planet shift into the earth sign of Capricorn for the next twelve months or so. In Capricorn, this planet will break through the barriers that held him back, upend the social normal that kept him in place, and be discerning enough to only follow the dreams he knows will end up coming true.

This will begin the year of eclipses, one that will undoubtedly end with all of us in a completely different space than we began, and which will also test us. It’s not that this year should be feared or even resisted, but instead leaned into, prepared for and readied, because as wonderful as all of these events will be to us, it doesn’t mean it will always be easy.

After the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon on January 11th, 2020, our next eclipse will be a lunar June 5th or 6th, Solar Eclipse on June 21st, Lunar Eclipse on July 4th or 5th, and Lunar Eclipse again on November 29th or 30th, and we end the year with a total Solar Eclipse on December 14th.

When we have four eclipses a year — two solar, two lunar — and jump to a year when we will have six, including two additional Lunar Eclipses, it means that the changes will largely be internal; as we know, it will affect our outer lives as well.

But this moment, the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Capricorn are just the beginning.

It's the moment that everything begins to move and we start to look at things differently, but the most important thing to be mindful of is that everything does happen as it’s meant to, so there’s also no point in rushing or resisting. Because while we can fight many things, fate is not one of them.  

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