What The Venus-Uranus Square Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until September 2020

We feel what we do for a reason.

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It may feel like we’re ready to break away from everything and everyone as we see Venus square Uranus, with Venus in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, on December 22nd. This transit creates the urge for us to gain greater independence and excitement, which is excellent news for our zodiac signs and those wondering about love horoscopes.

Venus is the planet of love, currently moving through the independent sign of Aquarius, so while this aspect with Uranus would always cause her some rebellion, in this case, it’s magnified because of the shared energy with the planet of shock and awe.


A square in astrology occurs when two planets are within 90 degrees of one another. Traditionally thought of as a hard angle or aspect, it’s usually thought of as a negative occurrence; however, as we are evolving, so too is the astrological meaning.

A square is when we’ve reached a point of decision, a moment we can’t back away from. So while it’s easy to see why a challenging moment like that would be thought of as difficult, it’s also one that’s necessary and can be exciting.

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While Venus is the planet of love, Uranus is the planet that often comes in and rearranges our lives when we least expect (or want) it to. Known as the planet of shock and awe, Uranus acts as a lighting bolt. Where Pluto will bring something to the surface that already existed, especially in terms of our relationships and feelings, Uranus can bring a dramatic new opportunity or turn around.

Uranus moves in seven-year cycles, which, if we pause to reflect, we can see that our lives tend to align with this planet’s cycles. We began a new one in early March of this year; prior to that we had been under the Uranus-Aries energy since 2012, which is all about sudden change, but the uncomfortable kind. It's the one that ripped apart relationships, brought on divorce, hard life lessons and made it impossible for us to continue the same path we had been on.

In many ways, it’s because of this last cycle that people have developed a dislike for this planet. Cringing when they hear about an aspect, he’s creating much of it the same way, and we sigh hearing that there’s a Mercury retrograde about.

But Uranus is in Taurus now and will be for the next six-and-a-half years, which is completely different energy than we had been under. Uranus in Taurus is grounded, stable, thoughtful and making practical choices based in what will bring the most satisfaction and pleasure. Uranus in Taurus may cause some sudden and unexpected changes and opportunities, but its purpose is to build, to bring together and to grow.


Keeping that in mind, we must examine what the energy exchange between these two planets really will be for us in the coming month. The last time we experienced this was in March of this year, and since then we’ve likely continued whatever path that lightning bolt moment brought into our lives. It was a realization, a person, or a simple leveling up of our own growth, and awareness as it relates to self-love and how we approach intimate relationships.

The reason these two planets always mean unexpected events for our love lives is that Venus represents love and Uranus change, so together, it’s understanding that while we can do our best to plan, it doesn’t mean that life will follow suit.

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Uranus creates these moments of shock and awe, so while these two planets will be especially powerful around and on the 22nd, it doesn’t mean that their impact will simply fade away. While on average this is a transit that can occur two to three times a year, we are only seeing it happen once next year due to Venus’s retrograde.


This means that the energy and opportunity this square brings into our lives this week will carry over to the next square in September of 2020.

This isn’t bad news, though. This isn’t something to fear; instead, it’s a chance to really step back from judging, from having ego be determined to have a story play out, and just simply observe. Observe what we are feeling, what we’re being pulled to and repulsed from. It’s a time for us to acknowledge our own feelings and then sit with them. Don’t be afraid of them but invite them in. See how they taste and where it feels like they are leading you.

New relationships are a possibility around this time, as is a new stage or development within an existing connection, but so is a breakup too! Uranus and Venus always make us crave freedom in love when they aspect one another. They make us want to do something different. To love different. Date different. Define love, commitment and even marriage differently, thanks to the rebellious nature of Uranus.

It’s all about letting our own unique flavor of love be something that we can live.But there are a lot of obstacles to overcome in order to be free, and it’s no different in love.


No one wants to feel claustrophobic in their relationship, stifled or as if they don’t have the ability to express who they are. But we’re humans, so that means we generally make things complicated.

As much as we don’t want to feel these emotions, we’ve also been taught we must prioritize the feelings of others and that we’re not allowed to change our minds. We resist the role of hurting someone or letting someone down, which means we create conflict for ourselves. When we have conflict, it means we’re not living our truth.

This isn’t to say we can avoid difficult times or challenging situations, but if we’re living our truth, we don’t get knocked off our balance and can still be peaceful, even within the midst of the raging storm.


As we near this square, we must lean into what we feel, lean into the discomfort, the inkling that perhaps everything is about to change. Rather than try to hide from it, let it in, because part of growing and learning in this life is that everything we feel is for a reason.

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