Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Kindred Spirit, Per Astrology

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Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Kindred Spirit, Per Astrology

As a person, we thrive through relationships, and each zodiac sign has a kindred spirit that makes life more meaningful.

As humans, we are social people who need connections with others.

These connections give us meaning, reason and purpose, even in times when we don't have any reason to get up every day or when things don't make sense. But there are people out there that we connect with much more deeply and more intimately than with others.

People who bring meaning and direction into our lives are kindred spirits.

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According to Lachlan Brown, "A kindred spirit is someone that, from the very first moment you meet, you have a feeling that they understand everything about you, and you understand them."

This means, regardless of your backgrounds, passions, interests or hobbies, your kindred spirit is someone who can make you feel like you are not alone when you are in a room full of strangers.

A kindred spirit can also be someone who only comes into your life for a second. They are the ones who come into your life when you need someone the most.

There is an above and beyond the innate connection between you. Kindred spirits know when you need each other the most.

You will strangely just know when they need something, even if it's just a hug. Kindred spirits will also help you move forward.

They will ask you what you are doing with your life and help you work through your struggles to give you momentum forward.

Your kindred spirit will know exactly what you are going through because they probably went through the same thing. Also, your kindred spirits are brutally honest.

They would rather tell you the truth instead of lying and hurting you because they really do care. As kindred spirits, you boost each other and make each other whole and will always have each other's backs.

Here's which zodiac sign is your kindred spirit, per astrology:

Kindred spirit zodiac signs: Taurus - Capricorn

Taurus and Capricorn are a great kindred spirit match. They are loyal, loving, and they both love inside jokes.

They both love taking care of others and they both use their strengths to make each other better.

Capricorn, you are always there to be a reminder to your Taurus match and you are great at encouraging each other to reach their goals.

Taurus and Capricorn both have huge hearts but they both can be very stubborn. They are great for each other.

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Kindred spirit zodiac signs: Cancer - Scorpio

Cancer and Scorpio are great kindred spirit matches because they are both passionate and emotionally on the same level.

This is a very intense relationship with very strong feelings because Cancer has feelings that run very deep and Scorpio is very intense making them balance out on the intensity scale.

They both have the same types of moods and if they are insecure, they can talk to one another because they understand what each other is going through.

Cancer and Scorpio complete each other.

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Kindred spirit zodiac signs: Gemini - Aquarius

Gemini and Aquarius are great kindred spirits because they both can focus on something almost obsessively for a long time.

Gemini helps keep Aquarius more constant while Aquarius helps keep Gemini in touch with reality.

This pairing is very intuitive and intellectual while both being very independent.

They are both supportive of each other and will help one another achieve any goals they set in life.

Gemini and Aquarian kindred spirits will find that they love their freedom, but they will work endlessly to help one another.

They are both highly energetic and enthusiastic and are always willing to cheer each other on.

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Kindred spirit zodiac signs: Leo - Aries

A Leo, Aries kindred spirit connection is highly satisfying. Aries, a harder personality, is softened out by Leo's warmness and their caringness. Aries has to support and praise Leo because that is what they need out of the relationship.

Both zodiac signs have high energy which makes it easy for them to keep up with one another.

As fire signs, they are both passionate and competitive which makes it very interesting for them because sometimes everything is a challenge or a game.

They are both very supportive of one another while also being very competitive. But this is a great kindred spirit pairing because they both keep each other on their toes.

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Kindred spirit zodiac signs: Virgo - Libra

Virgo and Libra create a very intelligent kindred spirit pairing, even if they don't understand each other fully. Libra likes to keep balance and peace while letting other things slip through the cracks which make Virgo irritated.

But, they are perfect kindred spirits because they feel like they have known each other their whole lives and they are so comfortable with each other.

They are both very efficient and encourage each other to boost one another's confidence. Virgo and Libra are very committed to one another and live a very balanced life.

Thus, they are the perfect pair to spend some lazy time together and just chill.

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Kindred spirit zodiac signs: Pisces - Sagittarius

Pisces and Sagittarius are great kindred spirits. They are there for one another and they encourage each other to think out of the box.

They are there to have fun and to support each other when they are in need of a friend. When Pisces and Sagittarius are together, they never feel like they have been apart.

They can pick up the conversation like they were never apart. And let's not forget the three-hour phone calls because once they start talking, it's hard for them to stop.

Pisces and Sagittarius can talk about anything and everything.

Pisces brings out the best of Sagittarius and Sagittarius mellows out Pisces and helps them think clearer. Both signs go through rough patches and they rely on one another for advice.

More than anything, they understand what the other is going through because they have experienced the same thing.

They both have anxiety, fears, family troubles, and stress that is out of this world, but they take the time to comfort one another when they are in need.

They can always feel comfortable talking to each other and will never feel judged. It's a great pairing and they will be friends for life.

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