Who Is Matthew Perry's Girlfriend, Molly Hurwitz? Why Couple Reportedly Split

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Who Is Matthew Perry's Girlfriend, Molly Hurwitz?
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Who is Matthew Perry's girlfriend, Molly Hurwitz? Unfortunately, Perry and his girlfriend, Molly Hurwitz, have broken up.

In November 2019, Friends star Matthew Perry was spotted out and about with a mystery woman at West Hollywood's Dan Tana's restaurant. The two were dressed casually, with Perry looking a lot more bedraggled than his companion. He was smoking a cigarette and looking exhausted.

This was a pretty rare celebrity sighting as Perry had been keeping out of the public eye and off the radar as of late, with the exception of finally joining Instagram. He hasn't had an acting role since 2017, and, in August 2019, people close to him were worried about his health and his sobriety.

But in February 2020, we finally found out who the mystery woman was. Perry had been dating 29-year-old talent manager, Molly Hurwitz, for a little while before their recent split.

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Who is Matthew Perry's now ex-girlfriend, Molly Hurwitz? Read on to find out the details of the actor's former relationship and their recent breakup. 

Perry was almost unrecognizable in a recent outing.

In the photo below, the actor is dressed down in jeans, a t-shirt, and a plaid shirt, looking fairly exhausted and disheveled and not at all like the heartthrob he once was. Even the way he holds his cigarette in the photos looks sad and downtrodden.

He also appeared to be drunk.

A source who was allegedly nearby, and witnessed the interaction between Perry and the mystery woman, revealed, “Matthew was disheveled, he seemed really out of it. He was laughing, swerving and swaying.”

The source said the woman (now identified as Hurwitz) was comforting him, but that it didn't seem like she was his girlfriend. 

“She felt sorry for him. It didn’t seem like a girlfriend situation at all. She was definitely comforting him, rubbing his arm, trying to talk to him about getting home, getting some rest. He was very messy, sloppy. He looked like a homeless man. The paparazzi was out here, watching his every move," the source added.

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The paparazzi captured the interaction.

Apparently, the paparazzi captured his every move, from him eating and drinking at a booth in the restaurant to his stumble to an Uber. 

"The girl wasn’t mad at him, but she was definitely treating him kindly like she knew he was a mess and wanted to make sure he got home OK. He was smoking; he [didn’t seem] sober,” said the same source.

The good news? “[Matthew] didn't drive. The girl got him a car, I think it was an Uber. Matthew was feeling no pain, [but] he didn’t look good at all, definitely didn’t seem to care about his appearance or anyone seeing him. It was kind of sad.”

Did Matthew Perry relapsed?

Perry has long struggled with alcohol and prescription medication. He first headed to rehab for a problem with Vicodin and alcohol in 1997. He went to rehab the second time in 2001, and the third time in 2011.

In 2013, he said, “I couldn’t stop. Eventually, things got so bad that I couldn’t hide it, and everybody knew. You can’t have a drug problem for 30 years and then expect to have it be solved in 28 days. Getting sober is really a hard thing to do.”

He had a health setback last summer, but was also rumored to have been hitting the bottle back then. 


He's been linked to other high-profile celebrities.

Before his appearance in November 2019, Perry had not been linked to a woman or believed to have been in a relationship in years. 

In the past, he dated Julia Roberts, Heather Graham, Lauren Graham, Neve Campbell, Yasmine Bleeth and Rachel Dunn. He also dated actress Lizzy Caplan from 2006 to 2012. 

Who is Matthew Perry's ex-girlfriend, Molly Hurwitz?

A source revealed some information about Hurwitz, saying that she was “telling friends that she is not in it for the fame, but she secretly loves the attention she’s been getting from their relationship.” The source also said that all of her past relationships were with men in the same industry, adding, “The guys she has dated in the past have all been in the entertainment industry.”

And although the source had claimed that the former couple's relationship was "newish," other reports said that the actor and Hurwitz had actually been seeing each other for months.

Another source claimed, “Molly has been seeing Matthew for months, they mix in the same circles and she’s originally from New York where they have spent time together. She has a very quirky sense of humour and they hit it off immediately. Molly is not interested in fame and she rarely parties, she’s been great for Matthew. They have kept the relationship a secret but things are getting more serious."

Hurwitz is also in the entertainment industry.

However, she isn't an actress. She's a talent manager who works for Zero Gravity Management.

Her Stage32 bio reads, "Molly Hurwitz is a Manager and Producer at Zero Gravity Management, a management and production company with over 500 clients and over 20 productions under their belt. Born, raised, and educated in NYC, Molly began her career in ICM Partners agency mailroom, which, yes, included actually delivering mail." 

Hurwitz and Perry spent Christmas together. 

Hurwitz has a private Instagram account, but did post about Perry on Christmas 2019, saying, “According to my parents’ custody agreement, my mother was not allowed to have a Christmas tree. Fortunately, there’s no such agreement for a daughter’s boyfriend, so Hurwitz gets a treeeeeeee!!!” The snap was reportedly taken at Perry's penthouse in Los Angeles.

However, Hurwitz wrote a somewhat cryptic message even further back in June 2019 on her Instagram where she shared a photo of the block in New York where Friends took place, and even referenced Perry's character from the show, with the caption, “Could there be any more people taking photos at this random street corner?”

Perry and Hurwitz dated for at least a year.

On Valentine's Day, Hurwitz paid tribute to her then-beau on her Instagram page with a photo of Perry and a message that not-so-subtly revealed that the couple had been dating for at least a year. She wrote, “Second year being my valentine, but his first as an Instagram influencer. HVD to my favorite.”

They recently parted ways.

Perry and Hurwitz's relationship has ended. A source has revealed, “It happened very recently. It was very amicable, but they have both decided to go their separate ways.”

In April, Perry had taken to Instagram with a post that read, "Why is today especially hard?" making his followers think that he may have been going through a hard time. However, he has been spotted out a few rare times lately, and has continued to keep his followers updated through Instagram.

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