Who Is Alexa Bliss, Ryan Cabrera's Girlfriend? WWE Star And Singer Allegedly Dating

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Who Is Alexa Bliss, Ryan Cabrera's Girlfriend? WWE Star And Singer Allegedly Dating
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We'll never forget Ryan Cabrera's early 2000s hits, like "On The Way Down," and now, it sounds like he's making a comeback in the dating department.

Reportedly, the pop singer is dating Alexa Bliss — real name Lexi Kaufman — a major WWE star he's been seen spending time with lately.

But who is Alexa Bliss? Here's everything we know about Ryan Cabrera's rumored girlfriend.

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1. Cabrera and Bliss have reportedly been spending time together since October.

It seems that Cabrera and Bliss met last fall, when they met backstage while hanging out with a mutual friend at the Smackdown on FOX premiere in LA. Since then, they've been seen out and about together, from a trip to Chicago when they both happened to be in the city at the same time, and then, it seemed like they were spending New Year's Eve together in St. Louis. If they're not dating, these are a lot of coincidences adding up.

2. They were also seen together at Disneyland last week.

Last week, Bliss and Cabrera visited Disneyland together. Although they didn't share this post on their own Instagram feed, this photo of the two of them together did surface — with Cabrera's arm notably around Bliss' shoulders. Looks pretty couple-y to us! 

3. But who is Alexa Bliss? She's best known for her wrestling career.

Bliss is a 28-year-old WWE wrestler who has been professionally wrestling on TV since 2013, when she started her career as an announcer on NXT. Since then, she's amassed tons of fans in the sport, and was famously engaged to fellow wrestler Buddy Murphy until reports surfaced in mid-2019 that they'd chosen to break things off at the end of 2018, reportedly calling off their engagement pretty amicably. Since then, she's seemed single — until now, of course.

4. She recently released a music video.

In early February 2020, a new music video from Bowling For Soup debuted featuring Bliss as the star — and appropriately enough, the song is called "Alexa Bliss." It's all about the wrestler and how she caught someone's heart "in a sleeper hold," and in general, it's pretty cute ... and it seems like Bliss had a blast filming it. Wonder what Cabrera thinks about all of this? 


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5. Last year, Cabrera was famously dating Audrina Patridge.

In 2019, Cabrera and The Hills star Audrina Patridge seemed pretty serious until they ended things last year, but even so, Cabrera has had nothing but kind things to say about his ex, even though they're no longer together.

“We’ve been friends since 2002. You know, obviously, we’ve had an on-and-off-again relationship, but more than that — more importantly between us two — we’ve always just been really, really supportive of each other," he said in an interview in May 2019.

6. Cabrera and Bliss haven't confirmed anything. 

So far, it seems like Cabrera and Bliss are keeping their relationship on the down low — and if they are, indeed, a couple, they haven't made it social media official or anything just yet. Hopefully, that'll change soon so fans can stop wondering! 

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