Who Is Nicolas Cage's Girlfriend? Everything You Need To Know About Riko Shabata

Nicolas Cage has been seen with a new lady — maybe his girlfriend?

Who Is Nicolas Cage's Girlfriend? Everything You Need to Know About Riko Shabata Getty Images

Nicolas Cage is definitely known for his films (come on, who hasn't seen National Treasure?) and his recently semi-dramatic love life, and now, it looks like he might be in a brand new relationship.

Recently, Cage was spotted with a mystery woman who may or may not be his new girlfriend. There's only problem: She's yet to be identified.

So who is Nicolas Cage's girlfriend? Here's everything we know about Riko Shabata, although unfortunately, it seems like Cage is keeping his new relationship — if it is one — pretty under wraps for now. 


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1. Cage was allegedly seen on a date on February 8.



A post shared by Nicolas Cage (@nicolascagefans) on Jan 17, 2020 at 3:16pm PST

According to sources who saw Cage at the Independent Spirit Awards over the weekend, he was looking cozy with an unidentified woman at the event.


“Nicolas and his date looked comfortable with one another,” a witness said. “Nic looked protective of her, always holding her hand or placing his hand in her lap. They remained by each other’s side throughout the evening. She looked comfortable with him and wanted to be near him.”

2. This may be his first relationship since he annulled his marriage last year.

Last March, Cage famously filed for an annulment just four days after marrying girlfriend Erika Koike in Las Vegas. In the court documents, Cage claimed that the marriage was fradulent and that he "reacted on impulse and without the ability to recognize or understand the full impact of his actions." Ultimately, he was granted a divorce two months later, although things certainly got messy with Koike asking for spousal support and legal fees from Cage in the process.

3. He's also been seen with one of his ex-wives since the split.

Last June, Cage was seen out with wife Alice Kim, who also happens to be the mother of his son Kal-el Coppola Cage. Though he and Kim were together for 12 years, they went their separate ways in 2016, and seemed to remain on good terms — at least, as of recently. No word on whether this was just a friendly coparenting outing for 13-year-old Kal-el and his parents, or if there was something more going on behind the scenes. 

4. But who is Nicolas Cage's girlfriend, Riko Sabata?

The couple was recently spotted at Tavern on the Green in New York City and sources said the pair "didn't talk much," but "drank lavishly." Post-meal, they shared a carriage ride through Central Park and were captured by paps. Earlier in the week, paps also caught them entering the American Museum of Natural History — seems like they're in a New York state of mind for sure.


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5. Cage has recently said he has no regrets about what he's done in his life so far.

In an interview in January, Cage revealed that while he believes in seeing the positive in every negative (and it's possible that relates to his relationship history), there is a piece of advice he wishes he could give his younger self.

“I would’ve said just perhaps keep it simple in terms of your quest for life experience. Maybe simplify it a little more so that it doesn’t eclipse your work," he said.

6. So far, he has yet to share anything about his possible new relationship publicly.

If Cage and this woman really are dating, it's something they're choosing to keep very private at this point. And it doesn't seem like that's an accident — Cage has said in interviews that he keeps his private life as private as he can for a reason.


"I have no social media presence. I’m not on Instagram. I am not on Facebook. I have no Twitter account. I genuinely am a private person who does not want his personal life exposed," he said. "I wanted to have the mystery of the old stars, always preserved in an enigmatic aura."

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